Annual Meeting! 3 New Corporations! Transfer $$$!

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  • MDS

    At the most recent Annual Meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses, proxy holders, and Corporate officers and affiliates of the 3 existing Corporations of Jehovah's Witnesses, under the auspices of the Governing Body membership of 13, namely,

    the New York Corporation, WatchTower Society

    the Pennslyvania Corporation, Watch Tower Society (parent Corporation)

    the IBS, or the International Bible Students (England based Corporation)

    The profound announcement was made to:

    CREATE 3 NEW CORPORATIONS...appointing 7 new corporate officers/ministers to lead each New Corporation.

    What's up here?

    A "Solution" has been conjured up, figured out by the Governing body, which will facilitate major changes in doctrines in the near future...a solution. Upsetting changes, law-suit types of changes!

    Yes, finally, the Watchtower/Governing Body, is going to made serious changes in doctrines, like 1914, blood!

    But, they know, all too well...Serious changes mean serious LAW SUITS!

    Well, its a known fact that typically, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, 13 membership, is really FLAT BROKE, no money...technically speaking (but they have ready access)!

    But technically, legally, they are broke, they own NOTHING! Nothing in their personal names of any value.

    But the Corporations, the first ones mentioned above, the 3 existing ones, NY, PENN, IBS, those Corporations, ARE RICH, LOADED with money!


    CREATE "MIRROR CORPORATIONS" -- Solution..."The" Solution!

    Create 3 new corporations to mirror exising Corporate structure!

    Appoint NEW OFFICERS!

    Then, and only then, MOVE ASSETS...yes, Move substantially ALL financial assets from one Corporation to the newer, established "mirror" Corporations, which has newly appointed Corporate Heads! 7 of them.

    No liability this way, no way to sue and get the loot, no way to get the real money, the millions upon millions!

    You see, New Corporations, New officers appointed, then, can't be blamed for the PAST MISTAKES OF THE WATCHTOWER CORPORATIONS, the existing 3...or either the Governing Body of JWs.

    Now, you will see the WTS make the needed changes in many doctrines and policies, changes that conform to overwhelming, prevailing consensus, and general populous viewpoints in blood and 1914, 607, no invisible "parousia" of Jesus, we can "vote," star in the Olympics, carry the flag, and so on.

    But remember, the "Light will get brighter", ONLY AFTER the "loot" has been safely transferred to the newly created "Mirror" Corporations, with its new officers, that can't be blamed for the PAST MISTAKES of the WTS, or its leaders or its Corporations! Then, Jehovah and only then, will Jehovah reveal the "new light" about these necessary "changes" that must take place!


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  • Pathofthorns

    Thanks for the info MDS. Here's what the official site says:

    For Immediate Release
    October 7, 2000

    Jehovah's Witnesses revise legal
    organizational structure
    to further stress 'the ministry of the word'

    The world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses today announced some revisions to their legal organizational structure that will allow them to keep pace with their growth. The Christian group currently numbers six million active members worldwide.

    The revisions, which were announced at the annual meeting of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania held today in Jersey City, New Jersey, include the appointment of new directors to the Watch Tower Society and the setting up of three new nonprofit corporations in the United States. The seven new directors are experienced ministers who have already been serving in various administrative functions at the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    The Governing Body, which currently numbers 13 members, will continue to focus on Bible doctrine, evangelizing, and pastoral care. In 1999 more than 14 million attended the services of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Contact: James N. Pellechia, telephone: (718) 560-5600

    Copyright © 2000 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.
    All rights reserved.

    Your summary is interesting MDS. It will be interesting to see if what you say ultimately works out to be correct.

    I find it funny that they say these changes are so they can "keep pace with their growth" which in an increasing part of the world is stagnant and negative.

    I find it also interesting that these 7 seem likely to be non-annointed. One more evidence that the old men of the GB are not able to do what they used to and one more step to abandonning the increasingly rediculous notion that the annointed calling stopped in 1935.

    Further this appears to put more authority in the hands of "the given ones" (lol) If this is the case, will it allow a take-over of the Society, or is this some plan to have some sort of stucture set up when these GB finally knock off?

    Also would not any common annointed member not have authority over any of these non-annointed 7 directors? How does this play out when the "foreigners" are exercising authority over "spiritual isreal"?

    As usual the explaination for these major changes is minimal and leaves many unanswered questions. It will be interesting to see how the press responds to this.

    As well, i wonder at what point will people start asking questions and scratching their heads at all this change. Funny how we're not supposed to be on the net, yet those who are seem to be the first to know everything, or seem to be the ones who actually know anything at all.

    Path (very disappointed if this change comes down to money)

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  • Pathofthorns

    Just noticed this at H20. This person, (who by the way puts up some good stuff) presents an alternate, or perhaps complimentary possiblity in addition to that put forth by MDS.


    is this a major turning point in the beginning of the end?


  • Frenchy

    Thanks, Path, MDS. Very interesting development.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • MDS

    Question from H2O:

    Hi Seeker4:

    : Interesting ideas, but I'm not sure what you're saying. Can you make this more clear, as to exactly what you think is happening here?

    Perhaps, you've heard of companies, individuals even, setting up "dummy corporations" --
    and as such, they hold and sometimes "hide" money, wealth, from taxation and so on. Or, in some instances, to make such wealth, money, "untouchable" from prevailing LAWSUITS...

    The WTS Legal Department has made this "advice" and the Governing Body is now taking advantage of the situation, as they know better than anyone else, that real CHANGES are ahead, yes, they are going to make REAL CHANGES regarding doctrines, policies, procedures.

    For instance the "shunning" practice itself, and
    the "blood" issue...changes here could very easily result in lawsuits from disenchanted membership, inside and out of the organization. This would be an "undesirable" future for the Governing Body and WTS officials, especially with soooo, soooo, much money is at stake...perhaps, even $$$ billions of dollars, when we calculate the total assets and earnings over the years, contributions, investments and so on.

    A "mirror" Corporation, the establishment of such, becomes THE "Solution" then. This idea, then becomes a viable, workable solution...where, monies and corporate "assets," can be safely transferred when needed, to "Dummy" Corporations, wherein trustworthy individuals within the new organizational structure, that can "hold" the monies in trust for the Governing Body, in case some future "law suits," should come their way, and the present day WTS, should by chance, lose their cases in a court of law, established by "Caesar."

    Perhaps, these "corporations," dummy corporations, can hold all the real "assets," "monies," in trust for the Governing Body for an indefinite period of time, maybe forever. This way, the real money, need not ever be "transferred" back to the original corporations itself, from whence the monies originated.

    In the old days, the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and board of Directors of the Watchtower Society Corporations, all of them, (check out old year books for this info) were pretty much the same people, with very few exceptions. Especially the President, and Vice-President positions in the Corporations...N. Knorr and F. Franz, and G. Suiter and so on. The Directors almost always included L. Swingle too, and other faithfuls.

    For many, many years, these 7 Directors of the Watchtower Society, were also the membership making up the Governing Body, right up till 1971 when 4 new members were included with R. Franz being among them. Of course, N. Knorr and F. Franz, made all of the decisions, we know this, and G. Suiter handled the money, assets, but the Governing Body did indeed exist, as an entity, figureheads, with no power to make lasting decisions.

    In 1975, this all changed...Knorr and F. Franz, handed the real power of authority to the membership of the Governing Body.

    Now, today, the Governing Body, still makes the decisions for the organizations, but they may not be considered Corporate membership, where the "real money," is held. All before, if you sued the WTS, you sued the President, Vice President, the corporation, who were actually the men in charge of the organization entoto, the real decision-makers for the organization, N Knorr, F. Franz, the President and Vice-Presidents respectively of the 3 Corporations then in existence. (Again, see old yearbooks for this info.)

    If you won the lawsuit back then, against these ones, then you got the $$$ money! Because the Corporate heads were also the heads of the Governing Body too...the real decision makers for the organization. So you, would get the "loot."

    Not so today...sue the Governing Body, YOU GET NOTHING! Win or Lose, the WTS entity itself, has no real "assets" for you to get! Its all been transferred to "dummy" corporations headed up by men WHO ARE NOT, NOR HAVE EVER BEEN, ON THE GOVERNING BODY, ... thus they have NOT, ever been the decision makers for the organization, never decided what was to go in print in the publications.

    But, these "men", are flunkies for the Governing Body...they will do only what the G.B. directs them to do...they are dependable. They are hand picked by the Governing Body. They will act as "agents", corporate heads, in a dummy Corporation set-up, to "hide" the real assets and monies held by the Organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, as deposited at the feet, of the Governing Body. This way, the G.B and WTS can circumvent, any true ascertainment of true net worth, money-wise, when examined by the Judicial system of our times.

    This is a very LEGAL MANEUVER, very, very legal. You almost need to be a lawyer nowadays, to follow the WTS' movements, and "tracks," and how they "cover their tracks," too.

    I hope this helps.


  • Pathofthorns

    to think it all used to be so plain and simple. very interesting MDS. Thanks for that further info.


  • Pathofthorns

    Forgive my facination with this topic. It would seem to be a major change, and as such does offer a glimmer of hope that perhaps family members who have shunned those who have taken a step back from all of this on grounds of conscience, can reach some sort of compromise.

    Further interesting comments at h20 of someone's annual meeting notes.

    Talk by Jack Barr: Members of the Governing Body resigned from the WTBTS
    and members of the other sheep were nominated and elected to fill their
    slots. Thirty or more names were read quickly for various corporations.
    Don Adams is now president of the WTBTS of Pennsylvania.

    It is interesting that if Don Adams is of the "other sheep" (lol) the WTS now is headed by a non-annointed member.

    Essentially, it boils down to the fact that this allows the Governing Body to step back and deal primarily with spiritual matters, while these brothers of the other sheep handle day-to-day business operations of the legal corporations.

    In other words, it looks like the GB are just too old to keep up the pace, and basically they just can meet and make doctrinal changes.

    1) Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, which will supervise
    matters of a religious and educational nature. This includes organizing
    the preaching work, holding conventions, etc. The directors and officers
    of this corporation are primarily brothers who work closely with the
    Service department in Patterson. Brother William Van de Wall is the
    president of this corporation.

    2) Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses, which cares for matters
    pertaining to those in Special Full-Time service, including Bethelites,
    Special Pioneers, Traveling Overseers, etc. Brother Patrick LaFranca is
    the president of this corporation.

    3) Kingdom Support Services, Inc., which handles design & engineering of
    buildings and holds titles to vehicles used by the Society.

    Of course I can just hear them saying now "isn't this wonderful how Jehovah's directing the GB to make these changes??" (You might want to follow this thread at Witnet [url][/url]

    Judging by next years yeartext, alot of people have lost their "firm conviction" in the arrangement.

    Additionally, the yeartext for 2001 will be: "Stand complete and with
    firm conviction in all the will of God" - Col 4:12



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  • Frenchy
    Forgive my facination with this topic. It would seem to be a major change, and as such does offer a glimmer of hope that perhaps family members who have shunned those who have taken a step back from all of this on grounds of conscience, can reach some sort of compromise.

    I'm quite interested in this as well given the implications and potential for drastic change that is being initiated here. I share the belief with others that the chief reason for not changing some of the controversial (and harmful) doctrines is fear of lawsuits. With that out of the way, I think the path that will lead to the most converts along with the retention of the 'already snagged' will be the one taken.
    There is a great danger in this move and I can well imagine the conversations and deliberation that went into the making of that decision.
    An old friend of mine told me about a friend of hers that was a bean farmer and as such relied heavily on loans from FHA, a government agency that lends (mostly without hope of return) to farmers. At the end of the year the farmer must declare his crop and gross earnings in order to determine his yearly note with FHA. This guy secretly sold ten thousand dollars worth of beans and pocketed the money. He then gave the cash to his daughter to place in a bank account under her name. FHA would know nothing about it. As it turned out shortly after the transaction she was involved in an auto accident and was promptly sued and all her assets, including the ill gotten $10,000 that belonged to her father, were seized. He never got his money back.
    They had better hope that the 'mirror' corporations don't experience something similar or that someone doesn't get greedy down the line and decide to keep a little for himself.

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • sf

    I'm bumping this thread back to the top for the ;urkers and because I recall a recent thread regarding such issues and a need for info.


  • observador

    Oh my God. That's a 7 year old thread, and nothing of what the poster said came to pass.


    Because the Watchtower Society has 120 year experience in the business of making changes. They do it so gradually that it seems like nothing has changed to the average JW.

    Besides, in my opinion, the creation of legal corporations is done for another reason: tax reduction/protection and/or maybe cost reduction.

    WT doesn't need to create those corporations to help effect changes. Take the blood issue, for instance. If the WT just keeps quiet about it, 30 years from now it can simply claim that this has been a conscience matter for all this time, and the JW then will not even remember that this was a MAJOR JW doctrine.


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