'Karla' movie - Would you go see it?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    'Karla' movie shocks in CTV exclusive screening

    This has on the news all day today. it sickens me that someone is going to make money off this tragedy.


    Updated Thu. Dec. 15 2005 6:38 AM ET

    CTV.ca News Staff

    You do not see the rapes, and much of the violence is implied, but the memories of the brutal killings are still vividly re-hashed in 'Karla' the movie -- based on the lives of school-girl killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

    The film holds close to the actual events of the murders as the script is based on the former couple's court documents and graphic home videos of the victims shown at Bernardo's trial.

    Homolka is depicted as a victim of Bernardo but she does get blamed for her roles in the rapes and murders – including the death of her sister, Tammy.

    The names of the murdered girls Leslie Mahaffy, 14, and Kristen French, 15, have been changed in the movie but the resemblance of the actors is haunting.

    Tim Danson, lawyer for the victim's families, successfully argued for scenes of nudity to be removed but the movie is still very graphic. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has called for people to boycott the film.

    Film Screening

    CTV Toronto's Paul Bliss set up Canada's first preview screening of the movie for a small general audience -- no reporters, no film critics.

    "I sat them down in a room and showed them the film," Bliss said. "They were shocked. They sat in silence as they watched the film."

    The over-18 crowd seemed disturbed by the film with some turning their faces away at times.

    "Shocking, absolutely. I didn't expect to see the re-creations in that kind of detail," viewer Margaret Pak said.

    The acting and production was on par with any Hollywood movie but that may not be enough to get people into the theatre.

    "It's a fresh wound. Everyone was so scared back then and it's been in our psyche, in our minds for so long," Laura Wagner said after the film. "I don't think people want to re-live it again."

    One viewer, Ani Nersessian, thought the film depicted Homolka more as a victim than a murderer.

    "She was shown as a victim and everything that happened was just because she made many stupid mistakes," Nersessian said. "But I think she was much more involved than they showed her to be."

    The movie runs for one hour and 40 minutes, leaving some viewers wishing they could get the time back.

    "It was profoundly disturbing," Marilyn Demone said regretfully. "I wish I hadn't seen it out of respect to the parents, the families…it's not worth it."

    The movie has already been sold to 12 distributors in Europe and there is word that a Canadian deal could come anytime. A limited theatre release will probably be held in Toronto and Montreal. It will be available in some format by early 2006.

    With files from CTV's Paul Bliss

  • Scully

    No. Absolutely not. Never.

    First of all, it's just not my cup of tea. OK, OK, I will admit that I have a liking for shows like CSI and American Justice and City Confidential, but I won't watch recreations or dramatizations done by Hollywood that are designed to elicit sympathy or empathy for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

    Even if Karla Holmolka never earns a dime from this venture, I do not ever want to get a glimpse into her psyche to learn what makes a criminal/ "victim" tick.

    I don't care if she is a "victim" of Paul Bernardo's svengali-ism. It never gave her the right to create more victims.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    From what I heard on the news this is a Canadian production and from the clip has that Canadian feel to it

    I don't know if Karla was involved with the production but someone is going to make money.

    It's sounds like it is going into theatres!!!

    Don't we have a law in Canada that any one convicted of a crime cannot make money off the crime for books or movies or their stories?

  • Scully
    Don't we have a law in Canada that any one convicted of a crime cannot make money off the crime for books or movies or their stories?

    There are ways around it, I'm sure. Like selling the story to the tabloids and having the money set up in a holding company or trust fund or something like that.

    It just seems like this "docu-drama" is in such poor taste. I feel awful for the families of the real victims... the ones who ended up dead because of these two individuals.

  • acsot

    evil c*nt (can I write that here? if anyone deserves that description it's Homolka). My brother's neighbour used to work at the same veterinary clinic as that heartless bitch. When I visited him while the trial was on, I spoke to some of the people in his neighbourhood and they couldn't stand Bernardo, but their hatred of Homolka was visceral - like an open, bleeding wound.

    She's the one who cut up body parts to stuff 'em in the freezer. Bernardo may have been the Scarborough rapist, and a horrible individual, but he never murdered until the bitch came along. It was that f*cking psychopath who offered her own sister to be raped and mutilated as a birthday present to hubby Bernardo. And that somehow makes her the victim??

    A literal hell would be too good for the likes of that evil witch.

  • dinah

    I had never heard of these two before now. Just spent 20 minutes reading about them. He was a sadist and she was a sado-masochist. She does seem cold and calculating. Having been in an abusive relationship myself, I still can't understand how she would willingly take part. Seems like narcissistic behavior.

    Had they committed their crimes in Texas, I can envision a different ending.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    She is already out of jail and has been communicating with another killer.

  • Finally-Free
    Had they committed their crimes in Texas, I can envision a different ending.

    It's at times like this that I would welcome some Texas style justice here.

    I won't be going to see this movie. I learned more than I care to know from the news reports at the time, as well as the descriptions given to me by a JW woman in my hall who was at the trial.


  • stillconcerned

    In Texas....

    get a rope.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I won't and I'm glad its not (for the time being) going to air in St.Catharines where it all happened. As far as I now it'll only air in 50 theatres in Ontario and 50 in Quebec. I'm still frustrated at how that evil witch got off with only 12 years because the cops needed her help to build a case against Paul. If only his lawyer hadn't have kept those damning tapes, she would have been put away for life.

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