Life Insurance... in the event of one's death

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  • sandy

    Is it possible to find out if somebody has death insurance for another person?

    My grandmother is very ill and possibly dying and my uncle claims he lost the insurance policy a few months ago. Does anybody know how to find this out, if it is true or not?

    I have no details about the policy not the name of the company just my grandma's personal identification.

  • DannyBloem

    I think a 'death insurance' is not really neccesary. It is an event with a high probability.

  • sandy

    DannyBloom, what do you mean? I meant life insurance.

  • Elsewhere

    Define Life Insurance: A wager between yourself and another in which you bet that you will die sooner than they suspect.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Won't your uncle tell you the name of the insurance company he had the policy with?

    Do you think pretending so he can keep all the money for himself? I guess if only he has been paying the premium then he woul be entitled to keep the money himself though.

  • rebel8

    I wonder if the insurance co. ran a credit check b4 issuing the policy? Is that something they do? If so, you could get a copy of her credit report (or whoever took out the policy) and see what company it was.

    A 2nd idea is, someone is paying the premium, so there must be some record somewhere of the payment.

  • sandy

    Well, unfortunately some of my family thinks (including me) he wants to keep all the money which would be fine if he would be willing to pitch in for funeral expenses. But he doesn't even have a job because he always quits or get fired from every place he works.

    IMHO the guy is a total jerk who is trying to rush my grandma's death.

    It's just a big family drama that has been going on a while now even before my grandmother got sick.

    My grandma is tired and probably doesn't have much time left even if she does pull through this. I just hate to see my uncle profit from her death. I know there is nothing I can do to prevent that. But I would like to expose the jerk, if possible. Some of us don't need proof but there are those that do.

  • sandy
    A 2nd idea is, someone is paying the premium, so there must be some record somewhere of the payment.

    Yeah, I though of this, getting somebody to search his house while he isn't home but that would be illegal.

  • freedomlover

    does she have a will written up? if she does, any life insurance policies are listed in that usually, unless she had the policy taken out after she had a will drawn up. also, there has to be record of payment for premiums. can you check your grandma's checkbook?????

    tight spot you're in....

  • sandy

    Good News my grandmother is sooo much better. Yesterday she was feeling so bad she was crying asking us to let her die.

    She has Emphysema really bad and according to doctors it is just getting worse. But I just talked to my mom and she said she is feeling a lot better today and she isn't talking about dying anymore.

    My uncle is the one with the insurance policy and he is paying for it.

    Hopefully now though my grandma will come home and my aunt can change the paper work to act as her power of attorney. That was our main concern. My uncle seems like he is in a rush for my grandma to die.

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