What if Tyrannosaurus Rex still existed?

by AlmostAtheist 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nosferatu

    Tyrannosaurus Rex made some fantastic music, even before they shortened their name to T.Rex. If Marc Bolan wasn't killed in a car crash, I believe he would have reached superstar status like Jim Morrison did.


  • sonnyboy

    It all depends on how fericious these things actually were.

    If they were anything like the Jurrasic Park T. Rexes, there's no way we could coexist with them.

  • RevFrank


    Dinosaurs are quite a delight to study these famious animals. From my youth my favorite was the Triceratops.

    Years back they believed the Brontosaurus was the heviest one of all..coming to a staggering 30 Tons. It was said that it was so heavy it had a brain in it's tail just to move it's hind legs. But of course the Brachiosaurus came along.

    Of course the T-Rex was suppose to be the greatest one of them all until they realized that it's front paws, or arms, it might have been just a scavanger.

    But all in all the dinosaurs were interesting....

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