Do JWs take Genesis literally?

by undercover 40 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • fiddler
    As a 'born in' I was taught that the creative days were an indeterminate length BUT the old study books were pretty definite about when Adam came about...or at least when the talking snake event happened...4026 BCE!  From that date the whole 1975 thing came about.  Also from that date you can do the math with all the begets and begats and wind up with the 'global flood' happening about 2370 BCE.  Yeah right! As was already discussed in prevuious comments that was not likely But really, as far as the Adam and Eve and talking snake account goes, they can never let that one go.  Their whole reason for Jesus coming hinges on that story. If you call Adam and Eve just a story/morality (?!?) tale or fable then so is Jesus....but IS Jesus.

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