Baptisim/Disfellowshipping & Age

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  • Krystal

    WOW! 11... that is wayyy to young! They boast that they don't baptize infants but really an 11 year old is no more prepared to make that decision!

  • Poztate
    Well, I intend to draft a letter to the congergation, my parents, and TO Bethel regarding this issue. I was thinking of consulting an attorney to see if there is anything legally I can do about it. I will keep you all posted!

    Good Luck to you and I hope you can succeed. I fear however in Canada no one will want to take on the legal challenge of fighting the WT

    I am sure they would drag out any fight and try to bleed you dry of money. Remember there is no "justice system" in Canada only a "legal system" where those with the most money prevail. WT Lawers are SCUM and they have proved it.

    QUOTES is a good example of this.

  • garybuss

    Here in Dakota a person under 18 years old can enter into a contract with a person over 18 and the contract is legal and binding on the person over 18 but it is not binding on the person under 18. I do believe after the party to the contract under 18, turns 18, then the contract is binding on both parties.

    I'd have to think that a person who entered into a legal contract with the Witnesses at say, 12, could not be held to the terms of the contract and disfellowshipped at say, 17. But I do believe they could be held to the contract at 18.

    This is a good subject to explore.

  • Krystal

    "With children, contracts can be voided at their request if they are not beneficial to the child. " hmmm...

  • jwfacts

    I have discussed this with the legal department at the Aust bethel. The lawyer felt I was attempting to make a legal issue of something spiritual and that my contract was with jehovah, not the organisation (WHATEVER! It is the organisation not Jehovah that subsequently disfellowships you). His comment was that annulment is obviously just done for convenience.

    The annulment is not looked at by the legal department, it is considered by the Service department, unless of course legal action is suggested or taken. However, I still believe it is a legal contract. My annulment letter addresses the issues of Illegal coercion of a minor by the use of misinformation - I then discussed lies that occur in the watchtower at the time of my baptism. Even as an adult it may be able to prove coersion by misinformation as done in the latest Blood tort, though I dont know where that stands legally if there are no damages etc.

    Interesting to see if any lawyers can advise

  • Krystal

    <div>Even by their own standerds: "Elders will take into consideration the background, ability and other circumstances of each baptisimal candidate. Our interest is in those whose hearts are turned to Jehovah and who have grasped the sense of fundamental Bible truths." -Organized to Accompish our Ministry, 1989 However, in the YPA book under Chapter "Should I leave home?" "Ready for Independence? But does the fact that you desire independence mean that you are ready for it?...what about your mental, emotional and spiritual maturity? You may fancy yourself to be a grown-up but your parents may still see in you some of the "traits of a babe" (1 Cor 13:11)" Basically, you are not ready to leave home at 17 but you can decide to be a dedicated servant of Jehovah's for the REST OF YOUR LIFE when you are 14. It just doesn't make sense!!</div>

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