Do you brag?

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  • sandy

    I find this to be one of the most unattractive traits a person can have.

    I mean sure we all get excited when something good happens to us or someone we love and we want to share it with others. But I hate it when people try to glorify themselves.

    My mom was doing this tonight. She always brags about her kids. I hate when I hear her doing this. It's not a healthy pride, it is so arrogant.

    My father brags but in a different way. He does it because he is truly proud of his kids at times. It seems my mom does it to make herself look good.

  • Sassy

    I don't think I brag.. not that I am aware of any way.

    HI Sandy!

  • PoliticallyNeutered2

    I never brag! I only modestly inform people of the obvious fact that I'm better than they are! (Just joking. :P)

    Seriously, the book "How to be funny" by Jon Macks shows that one technique of self-deprecating humor is to pretend to build yourself up, then suddenly tear yourself down in your own speech. The first part involves what seems like bragging for a few seconds until the second part is revealed.

    For instance, when they published an "Awake!" with an article on memory techniques a few years ago, the CO was in town and asked for interesting points in the magazine on Saturday morning. I referred to the article, and arrogantly asserted that I had already been using many of these techniques, and they work! ... (sheepishly ->) ... except [that] I forget to use them... Somehow, many people cracked up. :P

  • prophecor


  • Elsewhere

    Never.. not once have I EVER bragged. In fact I'm so good at not bragging that people watch in absolute amazement.

    I'm also the most humble person you will EVER meet.

  • joelbear

    i am very proud of the fact that i do not brag, i think this fact makes me great

  • trevor

    I BRAG - but in a quiet, subtle sneaky sort of way, that comes across as charisma.

  • sandy

    Bunch of "wise guys"! You guys are funny.

    Hi Sassy. I must say even though we've really only hung out a few times, I know you do not brag. You are very sweet and down to earth.

    PoliticallyN2 That was very funny.

  • PoliticallyNeutered2

    From sandy: "PoliticallyN2 That was very funny."

    Thanks. :)

  • prophecor

    I BRAG - but in a quiet, subtle sneaky sort of way, that comes across as charisma.

    Is that what I've been doing all this time?

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