How stupidly Zealous were you when you started off as a JW's?

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  • JH

    I knew a brother who would walk 3 miles at -20 degrees to get to the field service meeting. He wasn't baptized yet, and was new in the organization.

  • JH

    OH, I remember working midnight to 8 and decided to show how stupid spiritual I was, and went in the field service at 9 AM instead of going to bed after 8 hard hours of work.

    Can you spell Stupid?

  • Dune

    I was never really zealous. I stopped preparing for meetings 2 years into my baptism. I just had an excellerated complacency i guess.

  • JH

    I knew a few brothers who would sometimes, for some reason, go to 2 meetings on a Sunday.....In the morning and in the afternoon in a different congregation.

  • upside/down

    the stupidest...none stupider!

    u/d(of the at least I FINALLY pulled my head out class)

  • MungoBaobab

    I knew an elderette that openly bragged about skipping her grandmother's wake and funeral to attend pioneer school. As she told the story:

    "My mother said, 'But it's your grandmother!' I told her, "Yes, well, she was old for a long time!''

  • MellySummer

    pretty stupid - i used to leave issues of awake at antique stores and coin laundromats all the time and then come back an hour later to see if anyone had taken them! haha yeah right like someone would be so excited to see that wonderfully informative material.

  • sandy

    While in high school, my freshman and sophmore year, a friend of mine and I used to pioneer during some months. We didn't drive so we would check out territory maps in our neighborhood and walk and knock on doors all afternoon after school.

  • sass_my_frass

    As I was baptised, I looked over at a picture of Jah on his throne with light streaming from him, and I postively glowed with holy spirit for months. Until that time I was pioneering and had to take a whiz in somebody's front yard because we'd been out too long, and I walked too far into their property and they saw me from their upstairs window. I reported about five hours after that, and finally got myself booted.

    Every day gets better baby!!

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