The Days After Armageddon -- Future Fantasy written by JWs

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  • flyphisher

    Armageddon diaries.

    I cannot imagine how people can be so stupied to believe such a nonsense. Certainly, the present society-system will be changed some day totally through a sort of "social-" or "psychical-" cataclysm, but NOBODY has got the faintest idea HOW this dreadful event becomes executed in practise. The same in regards to timeline.

  • VM44

    bttt....for those who might want to know what happened to the author of "Day One"

  • avishai

    I wrote this a few years ago.

    My night mare

    I wake up, & there is a beautiful garden all around. People from all different cultures greet me. I take a breath of this wonderfully pure air, redolent of flowers. People come up & hug me, saying welcome brother, welcome back to life. As they quench my brow, & bring me a cool drink, I am puzzled, I think, where have I seen this before? I spy a little hottie to my left, & as I have always been wont to do, I say "Hi, gorgeous, how's it going"? And with a look that is part pity, part disgust, & part disdain, she runs away giggling. Then it all starts to come together. I see a couple of red-faced, sanctimonius men rushing towards me. They look angry, I think, " Naw, no fuxxing way" I pull down my pants..................."WHERE THE HELL IS MY DICK!?!?!?!?? "oh, explains elder Bob, the dead are not married or to be given in marriage, Jah just wants to make sure."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I rush away, thinking, no way do I wanna spend eternity w/ a bunch of dubs with no DICK!!!!!! I jump off a cliff, but it's to no avail, just like in groundhog day, someone comes up & says, "You can't die, at least not for another thousand years!!!!!" I scream, & then I finally wake up. In a dumpster, in a dirty, filthy town, that I don't even know, reeking of booze & urine. I breathe a sigh of relief, & smile to myself, knowing it is good, so good, to be really, wonderfully, painfully, sinfully, alive!!!! Thank you, lord!!!!!

  • Junction-Guy

    Question----Was this guy executed as a murder? or did he die from electrocution from an accident?

  • jakmarx

    we would just open the door and say "Oh, 'I'm not interested', You say? You have your own religion? Too bad, too bad, you great city, for in one hour your judgment came.

    Someones bitter. wow. In bad taste to the max.

    Shame because i reckon it would be quite interesting writing a story about DAY ONE. Like the last surivivors.I dont mean from a JW angle.

  • james_woods

    There have been many "Day Ones"; for example "War Day". It is about rebuilding society after a limited nuclear war.

    Not surprisingly, the undamaged California has become a smug police state all on it's own and refuses to help the rest of the country, or even let the outsiders across the state line.

    One thing that I always thought about when this topic came up was - "what about the infrastructure?" Lights go out, wreckage blocks all the roads, no gas anyway, toilets won't flush, - and nobody but janitors and window washers to get it working again.

    It would make Baghdad look like springtime in Switzerland.


    These post-apocalyptic fantasies make me ill.

  • purplesofa

    The first story is so laughable.

    and sad.


  • rebel8

    bttt for posterity

  • ziddina

    Phew!!! What a-mess-a-hoooeeeyy!!!

    This comment - from fairy-tale #2 - is hilarious!!!

    "Firstly we spent months bulldozing all the cities and landscaping and gradually the earth became beautiful. ..."

    Whaaaaaat???? Waaaayy outta touch with reality!!! The cities of Teotihuacan - which have been in existence for OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS - and are so massive that any fantasy of "bulldozing" such structures are far, far out of touch with reality...

    "Knowledge of the huge ruins of Teotihuacan was never lost. After the fall of the city, various squatters lived on the site. During Aztec times, the city was a place of pilgrimage and identified with the myth of Tollan, the place where the sun was created. Teotihuacan astonished the Spanish conquistadores during the post-conquest era. Today Teotihuacan is one of the most noted archaeological attractions in Mexico. ..."

    And the Roman Coliseum - STILL in existence, after nearly two THOUSAND years...

    And while we're on the subject, GASOLINE sours and becomes UNUSABLE after a VERY short period - only a few months!!! I found this out the HARD WAY - when I forgot to put the gasoline in the garage into my car in the fall, then when spring came, hubby [who is a chemical engineer working at a petroleum plant] informed me that using the gas after ONLY five to six MONTHS would DESTROY THE ENGINES - of the lawnmower AND MY CAR - if I used it!!!


    Anyone here EVER tour a petroleum plant?? Ever work in one??? They are COMPLICATED AS HELL - and ONE MISTAKE, and you'll have a blast - or series of blasts - that will make HELL look like the Bahamas!!!

    And it can happen to NON-smoking people too, by the way...

    This disaster - the Texas City Disaster of April 16th & 17th, 1947, with a death toll of over 400 people - gives one an idea of what could happen with ignorant people attempting to operate such complicated plants....

    This is a summary of the report on the disaster, prepared by the "Fire Prevention and Engineering Bureau of Texas"...

    A fire discovered by stevedores preparing to resume loading of ammonium nitrate aboard the S. S. GRANDCAMP at Warehouse (Pier) "O", about 8 A. M., April 16, 1947, resulted in the first of two disastrous explosions at 9:12 A. M., April 16, 1947 which destroyed the entire dock area, numerous oil tanks, the Monsanto Chemical Company, numerous dwellings and business buildings. The second explosion resulted from a fire in ammonium nitrate aboard the S. S. HIGH FLYER which occurred some sixteen hours later at 1:10 A. M., April 17, 1947.
    Damage to property outside the dock area was widespread. Approximately 1000 residences and business buildings suffered either major structural damage or were totally destroyed. Practically every window exposed to the blast in the corporate limits was broken. Several plate glass windows as far away as Galveston (10 miles) were shattered. Flying steel fragments and portions of the cargo were found 13,000 feet distant. A great number of balls of sisal twine, many afire, were blown over the area like torches. Numerous oil tanks were penetrated by flying steel or were crushed by the blast wave which followed the explosions. Drill stems 30 feet long, 6 3/8 inches in diameter, weight 2700 pounds, part of the cargo of the S. S. GRANDCAMP were found buried 6 feet in the clay soil a distance of 13,000 feet from the point of the explosion.
    Only brief mention is made of the fire protection features such as automatic sprinkler systems and the fire department. The initial explosion disrupted the sprinkler systems and the water supply to them, destroying all of the fire equipment owned by Texas City and wiped out much of the personnel of the department who were endeavoring to extinguish the fire aboard the S. S. GRANDCAMP.
    The loss of life was high. All firemen and practically all spectators on their pier were killed as were many employees in the Monsanto Chemical Company and throughout the dock area. At this date, April 29, 1947, 433 bodies have been recovered and approximately 135 (many of whom were on the dock) are missing. Over 2000 suffered injuries in varying degrees, among whom were many school children injured by flying glass fragments and debris in school buildings located about 6000 feet distant.
    The loss of property excluding marine (which was not ascertainable) is estimated to be $35,000,000 to $40,000,000. Time for rebuilding the various docks, warehouses and the chemical plant is expected to take one to two years. ..."

    Then there was the Buncefield fire - but with no fatalities, fortunately...

    As usual, the JWs are WAAAAY out of touch with reality...


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