For those of you born in.....

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  • under74

    I was born in....had clues to it being false-one being my grandmother walking me back to the restroom (age 5) and whispering, "I know, I hate it too." I knew I didn't like it all through the time my family was in it but it wasn't until around 11 or 12 that I really questioned it and knew what I was questioning.

    But anyway, nice thread LS. And nice post prophecor.

  • Bryan


    It was a total brainwashing for me. I was in for close to 25 years before finally escaping my mental and Watchtower prison.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • dorayakii
    I was born in but from my earliest recollection knew it was just all wrong....

    I third that. I can't remember at one point ever really believing even as a young child. It was always a case of, "i'll do this just in case it's all true". Even as a young child i remember questioning the the justice of a God who kills innocent people, or of a God that just sits back while people are suffering. Now that i'm old enough to logically articulate what exactly was wrong with what i "believed", its a great catharsis.

    I don't feel brave or amazing, but i don't feel stupid either. Its a mixture between resenting having been brought up in the truth, and pleasure at having discovered that it was a lie, more or less in my early 20s with my whole life ahead of me.

    Resenting that i don't have any sort of relationship with my parents because of it, but at the same time wondering what sort of immoral person i would have been had it not been for the protecting influence of the cult.

  • AuntieJane

    Good post. I don't think the majority of householders have a clue as to the harm that is done by the 'religion' followed by

    those nice people who knock on their door. If they only knew.....I do my part to let everyone know there is so much more

    to the teachings than the blood ban and holiday thing. So much more. People need to be educated.

    I, too, commend all you who were born in and had no choice...I am amazed at those who come from generations of JWs, and

    are able to break free of the chains.



  • acquittal

    Hello to everybody.

    Thank you all for your postings! I'm surprised to read of so many of you born into the watchtower-zombie-land. This is the reason why I want to say hello to everybody. I was one of those pale scarecrows for more than 30 years (3rd generation kid of j.w.). A few years ago I left the "locked-in" people and each day, when I wake up, I am MORE than happy that I had the courage to turn around and try to live my life without "do's and don'ts made by watchtower-icecube-man". I am not a string puppet anymore.

    Okay, I was quite feared when I tried my first steps freehanded. I fell down and I stood up. Several times.

    All the best to everybody wishes

    your new member acquittal (I found out that I can clear myself of being a j.w., yippiyeh!!!!!!)

  • prophecor

    Welcome Acquital. I hope your stay here is a pleasant one.

  • acquittal

    Thank you, prophecor!

  • blondie

    I grew up in a "divided" household with a weak JW mother. So I wasn't cruelly indoctrinated. But I had 2 choices the company of my pedophile father or going to the meetings with my mother. I was smart; given that choice I knew where I was safest, at the KH.

    For those of you with 2 JW parents who tried to toe the JW line, I can't say that I understand that situation.


  • wednesday

    I'm a third generation, goes back to Grandpa, both sides family. Even the non believers in our family sort of accept it as "the truth" they just can't measure up. I just sort of stopped going. We just don't bring it up with our family. They don't live near. They aren't too friedly so they really haven't pressed us about our activites. But my hubby is on board with me now, and he's slow but I can sense he's tired of living in limbo ..

  • GetBusyLiving

    Thanks lonelysheep. Since I DA'ed from the dubs I've had to deal with a lot of residual brainwashing that I didn't even realize was there.. but every day get's better.


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