I hate AOL...

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  • MsMcDucket

    Another reason that I keep it is because all of my children have established email addresses through my account with AOL. My oldest, who doesn't live with me, and the twins who don't live with me. I pay for the service. I just want them to be able to have access to the internet. With AOL if you have a computer and a telephone line, you're able to get online just about anywhere. I think???

  • Finally-Free

    The last time one of my end users installed the AOL software on his company assigned laptop I confiscated it and gave him an old clunker to use for the next 2 weeks. He learned, and told others of his misfortune. No one in the company ever installed AOL again.


  • free2beme


    Earthlink, Netzero, are also able to be accessed anywhere. Plus, AOL loves those who just want the e-mail address and pay $20-$30 per month for dial-up, when high speed it about the same. Might want to look into DSL, Cable or Satelite and see how AOL will let you keep your e-mail address.

  • bikerchic

    It's not called (by those who've used it) AOHELL for nothing!

    I hated the way it wormed into my computer it's almost impossible to totally get rid of it once you've quit sucks!

  • Virgogirl

    I hated AOL! Got booted constantly and when I called customer service to cancel. they kept arguing and trying to badger me into staying. Then I got a confirmation number for cancellation, but they kept billing me. Had to get my bank involved and block payment. Who needs it! I never had a problem with Earthlink. I currently have Adelphia high speed cable internet, and it's lightening fast. I'm pretty happy with it. Thhey include free virus scan and a good firewall in the monthly bill.

  • LDH
    just because they are scared of leaving the AOL religion.

    Back in the day (early 90's) AOL was just an intranet, and it wasn't till around 93 or 94 that they had a link to "internet" on their main page.

    Try explaining to people that they weren't on the internet just because they were on AOHell.

    I also had AOL for about 4 years till around '94 when I started using other providers.


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    This is really funny cause I just finshed getting paid a whopping $2.75 for spending a half hour taking one of AOL's surveys. I felt so cheap. I told them so. Like my time is only worth $5.50 an hour. I actually used to work for AOL. I worked in all aspects of the tech side and security. Those were different days. It was in the late 90ies. About that time they started moving all call centers to India and Pakistan.

    When I got married two years ago my husband, a computer tech told me the same about how much he hated AOL. It would fry his systems. I have stayed with it for one reason really, the chat rooms. A group of us have run a chat room for people like many of us here that have been d'fed and needed someone to talk to. So for this reason I stayed all these years. But I really need to switch to DirectTV Satelite and don't want to pay for both even though AOL will drop to half price if it is not my ISP. So soon it may be bye bye AOL. I'll try to get all our chat room buddies to sign up here cause you guys are great and it is almost the same as real time chat.

  • doodle-v
    Tired of it logging me off in the middle of me surfing on the Internet...

    Well, at least it's polite enough to say "goodbye". And with such a sexy voice too...


  • FlyingHighNow

    I have aol dial up. High speed is not available where I live. I don't like that 9.0 optimized signs you back on when you aren't careful how you sign off. I don't like the way they update their spyware/antivirus programs while I'm online and I can't click the uploads off.

    There are things I like about AOL though. But right now, I'm more unhappy than happy with it.

    I pay $14.95 a month and if I answer some surveys each month I can get the bill down to $5.95.

  • greendawn

    When I was living in France back in 2001, I had the AOL dial up service, it was the cheapest around at £20 per month for constant unlimited access but it didn't deliver what it promised ie they used to cut you off after one hour or so and you had to wait for a while to reconnect.

    They were taken to court over this lost the case and then provided the service as they should without interruptions.

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