Does anyone else here fly?

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  • james_woods

    OK, so maybe I should have put the word AIRPLANE in the subject line...

    I got my license back in Jdub days- 1967-1969 (I was 18-20 then). And yes, I got a little talking to from the Congregation Servant over it. (this was before elders). Again I used the excuse that my grandfather was not a witness and he wanted me to do it as an educational experience. (same way I got through college).

    I would say I have flown pretty much 75% of everything in the single engine world, including some pretty interesting sports and aerobatic ships. I used to own a Bellanca Citabria for about 5 years.

    Reluctantly decided to give it up recently because blood pressure and eyesight are not quite what they used to be...

    but, taildraggers with control sticks forever!

  • G Money
    G Money

    I took lessons a year or two ago. Take off is easy but landing with cross winds is downright scary! It is a good skill to have and I hope to one day resume my lessons as it is a quick and easy way to get around.

  • xjwms

    Only as a passenger

    on a big plane

    I like Midwest Airlines.

  • bigmouth

    Hi James, I've never actually learnt to fly but I've always been mad keen on aeroplanes. I've covered lots of events as a photographer and had a stint as a reporter for NZ aviation news. Modelling is a hobby I've returned to more recently.

    I think there must be a few aviation fans here because I've seen avatars with a P-38,P-51,F-117 and a Dauntless or Devastator. I love the older cabin monoplanes too and classic airliners. Cheers,Pete.

  • barry

    I used to have a licience to fly aerocraft and have flown cessna 172, austers [that are started by hand] piper cherokees.

    I started flying with gliders and I still own a glider its a cherokee 2

    Now i fly model planes and just this morning Ive been flying my one third pitts special with a 50cc motor. Barry

  • mustang

    ASEL, here; Not current nor a plane owner any more.

    My last flight was in Asia; I rented a plane and got some "dual instruction". This cut the international and "currency" red tape to zilch: just throw money at it. My instructor was an Air Force pilot and we flew out of an Army base. I had to leave my passport at the main gate of the post.

    I'm looking to do some more such trips to get different countries in my log book.


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