Were you persecuted while in the WTS?

by greendawn 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Everybody leaves me alone for the most part. I'm sure if I spoke my mind I would be a the bottom of everybodys list.

    What is amazing is how I felt that I was under the pressure of Satan and that I needed to get baptized. They got me so excited about going under, but never did anything to keep me. After years with as many good friends as um.... one. What was I thinking.

  • greendawn

    The persecution I suffered was in the form of social isolation despite being a good dub and having no family in the borg, I only had three invitations by the dubs over the 13 months that I was active. I told the elders about this but they were saying "the brothers are too busy working and serving jehovah" but of course between them they had enough social life.

    The point is that there was no brotherly love among them. That's why I left.

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