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  • Severus

    serendipity: You may have a point. But remember that the Society has hotel arrangements in reserve if all rooms fill up.

    The only innocents that suffer are the losers who get the "Thursday night" Service meeting, instead of the Tuesday night early birds.

  • daniel-p

    Hell, we were all innocents at one time....

  • serendipity

    I'm thinking innocents - like children.

    My parents were VERY frugal. They budgeted X dollars for the conventions If they used up the money, because hotels cost more, that meant we went without decent food in the evenings. We'd eat sandwiches, with meat kept cool in a cooler (Barely cool). One or more of us ended up with diahrrea at each convention, and on a few occasions, food poisoning. (This was prior to the donation food arrangement.)

  • stillAwitness

    Good idea!

    Devious and naughty! Just the way I like my men!

  • YoursChelbie
    start printing off information packages to slip under their doors

    You mean with a printed message like:


    ---That would be like "informal witnessing" again but this time for a really good cause.


  • stillAwitness

    KM: Dec. 2005 under title: 2006 "Deliverance At Hand" District Convention of Jehovah's Wittnesses

    Par.8: " Special Needs Room Request forms are available only for publishers whose accomadation needs cannot be cared for by family memebers or by their congregation. The Congregation Service Commitee should consider the publisher's qualifications, using the guidelines on the form as well as the letter dated December 14, 2005, addresses to all bodies of elders. This provision is only for publishers in good standing, along with their well-behaved children."

    Hey! Anyone heard about this? Ha! And notice the qualifications for such a donation from the Society: a publisher in good standing (that's right-better be pushing in at least the required 10 hours per month sister! and well behaved children. I feel sorry for anyone whose got a litter of brats running around. No free hotel for you!

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