Any gamers out there?

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  • dinah

    Hey peeps! Any of you into video games? Seems there would be a few who are because they are some cool people here. I've been playing since Tombraider came out on PS1. My first games were TR and Resident Evil. Resident Evil 4 is awesome on PS2, of course the RE series is my favorite, so I may be biased.

    Not gonna spend $400 on a 360 though, I have enough Bill Gates' with this computer. It will depend on how broke I am when PS3 comes out whether I get one or not. (Probably not til the price comes down).

    Anybody have any recommendations on a good game? We have God of War, and the Devil May Cry series--pretty good!

  • jeanniebeanz

    Gamer, but dramatically different taste. On PS2, I like racing games, the old style Sonic games and *blushes* Sponge Bob Square Pants... lol

    PC wise, the Sim products are all pretty good, and I love the old StarCraft, Age of Empires and Age of Wonders games. Also like the normal puzzle games.


  • prophecor
  • MidwichCuckoo

    Absolutely Dinah - LOVE Resident Evil (not keen on the Dead Aim though). I NEARLY bought myself the Resi 4 for Christmas (the one in the tin?), but couldn't justify doing so at my age. I think these games are good practice/rehearsal in the event of a REAL Zombie attack.

  • liquidsky

    I'm a Halo dork. Also dig Star Wars Battlefront.

  • FadingAway

    I'm a Halo nut also. I'm also big on GTA. Currently I've got a membership with Gamefly. I'm playing Ultimate Spiderman. The graphics are good, but the gameplay is ok.

  • prophecor

    I've just started playing, for the first time, KILLZONE over the past two weeks. It's a first person shooter game with several levels. Though I was a bit dismayed at first because of the degree of dexterity required to play it, after about the first four days, I'd began too get the hang of it. There are no maps, no clues for how to move throughout the terrain, so it can be very frustrating at times when you're unfamilliar with the new boards you graduate to. I think therein lies the beauty of the game. It part animated movie with a storyline, and part video game. It really rather exciting once you get used to it. A huge step up in the killing department as far as video games go. $19.99 in the greatest hits section.

    Ace Combat 4 & 5 has killing but you never see it as all killing is surgically handled from the sky. The blood and guts aspect is missing from the game as you shoot and kill your opponents from a distance. I have never seen such realism when it comes to flying, though. If this is what being in the cockpits about, then pilots are living a life of glory. To be able to view the plane outside, 3rd person, Inside the cockpit, 2nd person, or right there at the window, first person is absolutely awesome. A various assortment of planes to choose from as well as challenging missions. Ace Combat 5 was reduced in price early from $39.99 to $19.99 just over the Christmas rush. Its probably still availabl at Best Buy for that price. Ace Combat 4 Should be even less than that.

    GT3 & 4 are driving simulators. The better of the game, as far as handling goes is the third edition and not the fourth. There are a lot of slick tracks, graphics and a flood of vehicles to choose from, but the cars all handle like crap. They skate and bounce around, in a little less than life like way as opposed to Gran Turismo 3. Still a great game, but I have more fun with the earlier version of Gran Turismo. They can teach you real life driving skills that you can use in your real life driving. It has parts that you can swap out in order to more effectively get the most from your vehicle.

    With upgrades in steering and braking, by making adjustments in such tech terms as toe, camber, spring rate, shock adjustments and the like, you can get a feel for how the different components all make your car do what it does. It has real life learning capability. GT3, you can get used at many places like Pre Played, in excellent condition for less than $10.00. Gran Turismo 4 is probably still $50.00 and might come down in price over the year.

  • dinah

    I have Grand Turismo 1 & 2. Cool game. I like Need for Speed also, but I'm not that great a driver. I like RE cos it's point and shoot. Also, the disaster is man-made--the zombies are from US not Satan. Same difference, heh?

  • Spectre

    No video games for me, but I play a lot of Warhammer 40K, a tabletop miniature game. Fun stuff.

  • zanex

    me a big GTA san andreas player the last few months...something about running my own criminal empire does something for the conditioning I got as a child..Just picked up a kind of an "old western" shoot em up game with gta esque moves. Its called "DEAD" It is kind of a follow up to the first one "red dead revolver" its like old school clint eastwood shoot em up..kinda enjoyin it.


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