How much time does the WTBT$$ have left?

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  • TallTexan

    Those are some excellent thoughts. I especially appreciated Gary's input. And I think he's right. If the stigma of 'wordly association' were removed, and people could have associates outside of the borg, how many more people would gradually fall away. I know so many people who disguise their need for association with a 'love for the truth'. You know, those peopl who make 3 or 4 meetings a month but make EVERY single get-together....

    I don't think they will ever totally disappear. They have large financial holdings in the form of stock and real estate, and there will always be die-hards. But history has shown over and over again that religions come and go, especially fringe religions. That's why I stated that I thought they would be a 'shell' of their former self.

    I see a large snowball effect. Some of the posts talked about people like 'their parents' who would NEVER consider leaving. I know several people who have had those 'die hard' parents who eventually left because of the inconsistencies and lies.

    Like I said, I don't think there is any answer to this, I just thought it was an interesting discussion. Thanks.

  • wombat

    The predictions stated here range from soon to 50 years to forever in some form. I wish that I could make a prediction.

    As has been stated here before, no-one predicted the internet. This huge force is only 5 plus years old. No one imagined it. It wasn't even mentioned in Bible prophesy. But it has taken an immediate toll on the WTS as evidenced by the 2005 Yearbook.

    More WILL happen. I think that we just can't imagine what it is.

    (I'm thinking of starting a thread on the yet unpublished book by Dan Brown. I understand it is based on a relationship between Freemasonary and Mormons. I have read other posts suggesting such a relationship between the Masons and the WTS. Please don't express any thoughts on this post as this post has it's own purpose. Maybe someone would like to start their own post. Not that I believe it but I just love a good conspiracy, true or not).

  • garybuss

    Russell's Zion's Watch Tower printing company did fail in that it was hijacked and turned into a fringe political party that was anti-religion. Russell's Bible Student group succeeded and is still going and has re established a writing and printing service. I am very friendly towards them.

    Rutherford's political party and religion hate group failed and did turn into that which it hated . . . a religion. So I think the big shift is in the past. Knorr did it.

    The current group is looking more like a mainstream religion to the casual observer AND to the new recruit student. That's what the current owners want . . . appearing respectable. Unfortunately they don't have enough confidence in their messages OR in their people to drop the high control tactics that did work in the 1950's.

    The other thing that keeps the Witness group from being big time is their hanging onto the Rutherford produced political party items. The Society fails to see that politics is NOT religion, medical treatment is NOT religion, and interpersonal relationships are NOT religion. Controlling politics is only important to a political group.

  • wombat

    Bloody Hell Garrybuss.....Me reckons that you are hijacking the site.

    Refer me back to a previous post of yours that I can revive. I am interested in what you said. It is after midnight here. I'll probably stay up for another hour.

  • garybuss

    Sorry! I don't want to hijack the thread.

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