If You Had Internet Access Years Ago----Would You Have Gotten Out Sooner?

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  • jeanniebeanz
    If You Had Internet Access Years Ago----Would You Have Gotten Out Sooner?

    maybe... the fear factor has already been mentioned, and as a 'loyal dub' I doubt I would have breached protocol.

    For me, it was the Aide Book that convinced me that they might be mistaken on many things. When the Internet came along for me, I was already out and willing to dive in and learn more.

    Their refusal to answer questions raised using the Aide Book with more than cookie-cutter answers did more to remove me from their religion than anything else.


  • Seeker4


    Yes. I think so. Maybe even longer ago than that.

    Happy New Year!!

    S4 and Lori

  • blondie

    Didn't get internet until 1995. Of course, I found the world of active JW and JW DBs. I will say that the "active" ones who not the good examples in the congregation. So many were those on the edge socially and not in the cliques.

    The ex-JW DBS scared me because they seemed to be fighting all the time.

    I was still a true believer but one by one I examined my doubts and started my WT reivew for my own use.

    It I had found the internet sooner, I have a good idea that I would never reactivated and ny husband would never have been baptized. But at least we will never go back.

    I have learned a lot from you minimus. I hope some day we can meet.


  • minimus

    Thank you, Blondie. I needed that.You've got a pm.

  • JustTickledPink

    The internet has zero effect on my choice to walk away. I had distanced myself a few years before I even finally bought my first computer.

    Although I think it's great that almost everyone now is CONNECTED!!!!

  • DannyHaszard
    Although I think it's great that almost everyone now is CONNECTED

    OLPC-One Laptop Per Child worldwide initiative Danny's dream ("I have a dream"M.L.K) is that before i grow old and expire the whole world will be connected

  • LittleToe

    Like Blonde I got the Internet in '95 and was totally turned off by the venom on the first exJW site I came across, foreswearing never to make that mistake again.

    It wouldn't be until a further six years, and after I'd decided to leave the JWs, that I would venture that way again. Fortunately I found this place.

    It might explain why I'm so light on newbie-apologists...

  • kazar

    I don't know. 10 years ago I had already read COC, Jim Penton and the Orwellian World of Jehovah's Witnesses but I didn't want to give up the belief in paradise, so I kept hoping Jehovah would prove all those apostates wrong.

    I didn't have access to a computer until 2005 which is when I accidentally got on this site. When I first visited this site I thought many here had an ax to grind or were sore losers so I lurked for a while, but it didn't take long with all the information posted here from legitimate sources that Ex JW's were exposing Jehovah's Witnesses' lies. It was the coverups that opened my eyes; their earlier teachings, new light, etc. I have to laugh now when I remember how shocked I was to find out about WTBS and NGO. I would not have taken anyone's word for it. It was the actual letter posted here from the UN that did it. It was then I understood why so many here seemed to have such bitterness toward the Witnesses. I was finally freed from the fantasy illusion of paradise earth and I never looked back. So in actuality, it was the internet that liberated me.

  • nelly136

    wouldnt have got me out any faster, i had to wait till i had a job and could support myself.

    would still be out if internet wasnt invented, but its helped set a few ghosts to rest.

  • KW13

    well to be fair the internet does help, but only after you have doubts. for me other factors made me leave and only later i was happy to find i wasn't alone.

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