Aussies unite!! I have a question for you backwards people

by coolhandluke 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • ozziepost

    Well, HL, I've heard of dolls dressing up in dentist's uniforms - but witches??

  • barry

    Australia has a good packpacker industry there is lots of work on farms. When you get here just go to the packpacker areas and it wont be to hard to get all the einformation you need. i think you may need a work visa

  • ozziepost


    The heat's got to ya fingers, mate. All those packpackers are sending ya blind!!

  • doofdaddy

    If you are under 30, you don't need a work permit. There is a b/packer trail up the east coast. Plenty of work fruitpicking etc. Use good ol'google.

    Over 30 and you are up the proverbial creek. Gov does investigate people who work illegally.

  • zagor

    Me at work

    This is kinda sick actually, you work on computers for living and when you get home what else do you do? more computers. Normal people go to the beach or gym and I'm still here,

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