Ex Elder Friend Tells Me There Are Now Only 45 Persons That Attend

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  • DannyHaszard
    They have access to computers and the internet, at home, school and many local places. They also come up against fellow students who will challenge

    Roger that,my mates worldy 'normal' 17 y.o is on the PC day/nite typically teens would be on the phone in my day,she never uses it.Ditto for all her peers.

    All in takes is one misplaced keystroke to access forbidden sites in a split second,is the Watchtower going to offer anti-apostate software filters like scientology?

    I see the young dubs are shockingly brazen over at myspace blog,they have a smug supremacist attitude that they are corrupt and 'smart enough' to live their double lives and not 'stupid nerds' like those who gone apostate

  • Poztate

    Actually, in this area, the elders were told to do the mikes when no brothers qualified. I guess many elders think that is beneath them.


    When I was sound boy in charge I used to rotate elders to mike positions now and again. I was fresh back into the "TRUTH"™ in the early 70's and I really believed that everyone was equal. A few months later I was "promoted" to magazine sales and another took over my sound duties. I noticed no elders EVER did mikes after that.

    The congregation that my wife still attends has not increased in 30 years even though the population in the area has doubled.There are two large families of aging seniors that provide about 30% of the total.I can see in the next 10 years that this congregation will be hurting bad for people.

  • Goldminer


    The numbers you give there pretty much reflect the local congrgation here as well.If it wasn't for the many retirees that have moved to this area those numbers would be much lower.As well the average age of the congregation is slowly climbing every year.I'm sure within 20 years there will be many congregations consolidating or just shutting down and instead of building more kingdom halls they'll be selling them to the next up-and-coming religion.


  • jeanniebeanz
    "Theres a seeker born every minute!"

    Welcome, Mr. Mysterious... lol A rather cryptic first post, but, we're so glad you joined us...

  • minimus

    Maybe for the new year, they'll think differently.....................Nah, I didn't think so......

  • moshe

    Liars will figure, but figures don't lie! Yes, the KH attendance is falling off. No matter how they try and massage the numbers the Dubs will have to notice the change. JW's need the positve reinforement of a numbers increase to keep them going. I feel that it won't be some major scandal that will bring down the WT, but a bunch of small ones. Closing Bethel offices and sending Bethelites back to their "home congregation" will not be a good PR move. Some of these laidoff 20 year Bethel workers will turn bitter and retaliate against the organization that discarded them. These insiders might just have the information that the IRS and Attorney General needs to open an investigation into the WT finances. peace, Moshe

  • stillajwexelder

    In our Cong. in New Britain Central, CT, hmmm, how long have I been DF'd...........5 plus years...........anyways, being married to an elder, it was expected of the Servants in our Congregation to get at least 10 hours a month.

    Same in ours - but to do mikes and sound etc you do not need to be servant so about 8 hours would do

  • Goldminer

    I was at my dad's today and he told me he didn't think there was 40 people at the meeting this morning.That hall must look quite empty now,at one time there used to be about 100 every Sunday morning.That's a lot of empty seats,hard to not notice so many people not there anymore.I don't expect it to improve this year.And I remember back in 1986 they were so excited they were talking about building a new hall or splitting the congregation.Don't hear that anymore.


  • minimus

    In the 80's and 90's, all you heard was to keep on building more Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls. They shook the brothers down and squeezed money out of them in Jehovah's name.

  • DaCheech

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