Guilt, Conscience and Catchphrases

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    Golf suggested:

    Greetings. You need a few nights out with the boys at a strip club. How's that for starters? That should get your guilt conscience going.
    He's prob'ly being flippant, but he's not actually too far wrong. When I left, one of the most healing things I did was to make a mental list of all the things that would get me DF'd - and then did the least scary of them, one by one.

    I was careful, of course, not to do anything that would actually hurt or corrupt me.

    One of the commonest accusations about people who leave is "They wanted to fornicate, smoke, celebrate Christmas," etc. They never tell you about the people who left because they wanted to give to charity, vote in elections, and explore the world's religions and philosophies. People like me.

    I was surprised at the wide variety of forbidden things I could do and still remain a loving, strong, sensitive, caring person. More so, actually, once I began challenging what I had been taught.

    gently feral

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