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  • jonsey

    I to am new to the post. I was brought up a JW and left basically when I was 17 with no word. My parents went back and forth to the hall. Basically when it was convinient. In my childhood years my grandmother took me all the time...granted my mon and brother went as well. As time passed obviously I could not be the best man at my brothers wedding because of not attending meetings. I think what kicked it of is when I started my own DJ company and I performed at events that the congregation did not approve of.

    I sent my mom and dad some money because business was good. I wanted them to go to dinner and a movie, by something form my grandmother...which she is in a nursing home. Also, to buy something for my brothers daughters. Mind you that the check did not say Merry Chrsitmas. My wife of 15 years gets a letter from my mom thinking it was a thank you letter but, it was a returned check and a long letter explaining her position. I am about to leave work and read it myself. Are there any ex witnesses in North GA that I can chat with. This has really just bummed me out and it's funny...we did not shut them out but, I feel like it was a good-by letter.

    Those that know me ...realise I am one of the nicest and most easy going people you will ever meet. I am saddened that a religion has that much pull over immeadiate family members. I am not blind...its just I am not looking from the outside. I just needed to decompress. Thanks for letting me ramble.


  • jeanniebeanz

    Very harsh treatment, Jonsey. Sorry to hear about this very bad behaviour.

    Hopefully, when you get the chance to read the letter it will not be as bad as it seems now.

    Welcome to the forum. Hope to read more when you are comfortable sharing.


  • jonsey


    Thanks...I was trying to contact a good friend of mine in Florida that left JW. I just needed to try to get this out...


  • Honesty

    Hello Mike and welcome to the board!!

    I am in East Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and about 30 air miles (60 by road) from North Georgia.

    Bob Evans

    Walland, TN

    P.S. Don't disclose your name and address unless you could care lesss what the WTBT$ thinks, says or does.

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum Jonsey, it's good that you left that destructive cult early in life though you were brought up in it.

  • serendipity

    Hi Mike,

    Welcome to the forum! It's unfortunate that your mother wouldn't graciously accept your gift. I hope you can speak to your mother to understand what's going on. Maybe it's a misunderstanding.

  • garybuss

    I was bummed at first too. It's been 13 1/2 years since my only brother told me he hates me and 11 years since my mother yelled at me and slammed the door to my back as I was retreating. A few years ago I took a thousand dollars to my father. He wouldn't even open the door to let me in the house and he refused the gift. He basically told me not to come back. That was over 5 years ago. Neither of my parents have contacted me in probably 12 or 13 years.

    Parents put me and my brother through hell as children. They made a decision to live in poverty. We went to bed hungry every night. They put me to work selling Watchtowers on street corners when I was 7. They hit, pinched, and poked me at meetings if I fell asleep. (Service Meetings almost never got over till 10 pm.) They forced me to follow their written instructions at school and be an outcast. They hit me with hands, yardsticks, and fly swatters at home and told me I'd have to find somewhere else to live if I didn't want to be a Witness when I was about 10 years old.

    I was willing to forgive all that if they treated me decent as an adult but they have refused to do that. Their last great service to my family was to advise my schizophrenic son not to see his psychiatrist when he was staying with them, then when he had a psychotic break they kicked him out and told him not to come back.

  • codeblue

    Welcome Jonesy

    So sorry to hear about the letter from your Mom and that she returns your gifts that you gave with a kind and loving heart.

    I am glad you have a wonderful wife to share your life....

    Keep posting... there are some great people here that understand!


  • jonsey

    Ya'll This is what I needed...and Bob..I am in Lawrenceville, GA about 45 minutes north of Atlanta.

    Mike Jones...yes it's really my name LOL :)

    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    PS I will update you as soon as I get home. I love my Mom, Dad, and brother with all my heart. Like my wife said that it's a tragedy that they pick a religion over their son. Thank You Thank You Thank you for all of the replys...again I will update you all!


  • Legolas

    Welcome Mike!

    I hope the scales fall of their eyes someday!

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