Fairy tales - unsuspected effects on children?

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Terry, it's good to see you posting. I haven't seen you in a while and have been wondering if you would come back and see us.

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    Hi Terry, I just noticed you were back also. Enjoyed your posts.

  • metatron

    Obvious in their purpose or their appeal to children. Thus, stories about giants appeal to kids because they are small in

    a land of "giant" adults and they can identify with the situation. Other fairy tales were there to remind kids that stuff can be

    dangerous or scary, so be careful.


  • Terry
    She reminded me about two weeks ago that when she was 7 or so, I had a talk with her about separating reality from fantasy. At that time I told her if I saw or heard anything that caused me to believe she was confusing the two worlds, I would intervene.

    I too tried to be very clear with my kids about what is real and what isn't.

    My kids caught on quicker than I imagined and even went one step farther than I had been able to.

    This surprised me.

    One day I was telling my son (when he was 5) the differences between real and imaginary by choosing examples. The TV was on. Cartoons were playing and I pointed to the animated characters. "You see those? Those are drawings that somebody created. They make them move. People are using their voices in a funny way to make the cartoon drawings sound like they can talk."

    Then, a newsprogram came on. The newscaster was reading a news story. I pointed to the tv and said: "Now that is a real person and not a drawing."

    My son quickly replied: "No, dad, it is just a tv screen and the real person is someplace else."

    I was dumbfounded.

    He understood even better than I did.


  • Terry
    Hi Terry, I just noticed you were back also. Enjoyed your posts.

    I needed to get away for awhile.

    Clear my mind.

    Recharge my batteries, so to speak.



  • LDH
    My son quickly replied: "No, dad, it is just a tv screen and the real person is someplace else."

    I was dumbfounded.

    Out of the mouths of babes.

  • jeanniebeanz

    The only "tale" told me during childhood that traumatized me was 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. I could imagine the little boy being torn apart by wolves over a joke.

    My parents liked to tell that one, but then it fell into their ideas of the harshest punishment being a good thing, even for an offense that would not warrant death.

    Hell, they believe in shunning a person forever if you doubt the GB... lol Go figure...


  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    Hi. if we all think about it, they are FAIRY stories. They call them Fairy Stories because the stories soften up what they really are. They are usally stories about fairys or imps or the big bad wolf trying to eat a girl,all the stories that our God disapproves of. When these are taught to little children, they will get a sense that it is all right to hear them when Jehovah disaproves of them. There are even stories with a touch of magic in them. And we all know how God feels about that. Ring a Ring a Roses was about the Black Death that killed thousands of people- but the child does not know that. Its like telling a child the Santa Clause goes through the letter boxes on Xmas eve and puts presents on her bed, which we know it is a lie. Some stories do have a truth behind it, but grown ups present it as a lie to the child. All the rest of the Fairy Stories are lies. Parents tell the child about the tooth fairy to swop teeth for money, when it is really the parent that leaves a small coin behind. Therefore the parent lies to the child, and the child learns how to lie as when the child grows up, they to tell their children about the tooth fairy. All fairy stories are realistcly based on lies, which we all know the the Devil, Saten is the father of the lie. See John 8:44

  • Spectrum


    Thanks for that indepth analysis. Quite enlightening. I must ask you then what's good fun entertainment that can stimulate a childs fertile mind? I think you've pretty much precluded all the traditional stuff.

  • Spectrum


    I think you are right a couple of chapters are missing but the ones you are implying would be a real downer for the children and not fun.

    Are you blaming fairy tale stories for you marriage break-up?

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