6/6/6 months away, any ideas?

by alamb 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • insearchoftruth

    Not sure where I read it, but thought I saw some spinoff group from the bible students predicting the collapse of the wts on that day, I wish I could locate the post!

  • proplog2

    Terrorists look for just that kind of date to do their deeds.

    Of course I'm not making any predictions. (Been there-done that).

    It doesn't surprise me that more "seers" aren't predicting disaster.

    One reason is that "prophets" want to be unique in their predictions. They want to be known for calling it based on their clever calculations and intriguing grasp of historical currents.

    6-6-6 is too obvious. Anyone can claim they had a hunch.

    But it wouldn't hurt to have a couple weeks supply of food and water on hand. In this world that's always a good idea.

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