6/6/6 months away, any ideas?

by alamb 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Elsewhere

    I like the idea of an Aposta Fest!

    I'll get with the Faithless and Indiscrete Slave and start putting something together.

    On a side note, the creator of The Beast also created a DVD called The God Who Wasn't There. It's a GREAT documentary and by sheer coincidence I just saw it last night for the first time.

    Go rent it!

  • alamb


    Any ideas yet?

  • jeanniebeanz

    I don't know... this may not be a good day to plan anything at all. In fact, I have it on good authority that the number 6 6 6 is somehow bad.... wait, I'll go get my reasoning book and let you know what I find out...


  • Sparkplug

    6/6/6 is my 36th B- Day!

    So who is taking the birthday girl out? I think I am available. Hmmm let me check my planner for that dream date....uhhmmm nope! I am still available this year!! So who is joining me in partying? I need to because there is that small part of me that wants to be afraid because of silly superstition...so I must fo drink to the pagan gods, and laugh in the face of danger!

    No joke, it is my birthday.....sux

  • Sparkplug

    sixsixsixtynine...OMG- PLEASE tell me your not an 80's hair dude. No More Eddy.

  • Sparkplug

    Hey someone says I get sex on my B-day...Is this true?

    I say we start celebrating now!!

  • Sparkplug

    Elsewhere, bring me a beer...





  • daystar

    The remake of The Omen is coming out on that date.


  • Crumpet

    I was just about to say that -

    The remake of The Omen is coming out on that date.

    I will be beginning the day with a heavy dose of morphine into my blood stream and then will have both sides of my lower right leg cut to the bone and then metal pins and plates and rods detached from the bones. Then I will be sewn up and hopefully I will wake up and be given more drugs!

    Lucky I'm not superstitious eh - did I say lucky!

  • jstalin

    I'll be going to see The Omen. Classic movie. Hopefully the remake won't suck.

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