"seven times" in Daniel applied to whom?

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  • Slave1111
    Oh really? How can that be when I am the second coming of Christ. I dare you to prove your statement or disprove mine. I laugh at your puniness.

    Jesus Christ Himself will bear witness along with the Almighty G_D Jehovah that I am who I say that I am. Those like you will bow down in humility before your God Jehovah in the West and Allah in the East.

    Fulfillment of prophecy is greater in the Middle East, then in the West. The Middle East is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and the residence of the Most High God JAH, amen.......

    The Faithful and Discreet Slave of JAH and CHRIST

  • peacefulpete

    PMJ you felt that the line about the 'lowest of men' being used by God to rule implied some greater meaning than the one in context. Read the context again. The story was about the author's god being able to reduce great men to humiliated groveling.

    4: 37 `Now, I, Nebuchadnezzar, am praising and exalting and honouring the King of the heavens, for all His works [are] truth, and His paths judgment, and those walking in pride He is able to humble.'

    The line about the 'lowest of men' was put in Nebuchanezzar's mouth speaking of himself after his humbling by Daniel's god.

  • yaddayadda

    Here's one possible explanation for what the 7 times mean:

    SEVEN in the scriptures is a number that signifies completeness, or bringing a period or work to a completion. In historical sections of the scriptures, seven frequently occurs to denote completeness or finishing a work completely Jos 6: 2-4, 15, 1Ki 18:42-44, 2Ki 5:10, 12 Ps 12:6, Pr 24:16, Ps 119:164.

    TIMES is translated in the scriptures 10 times from the Aramaic word "iddan" as an appointed time period or set season.

    SEVEN TIMES therefore carries the scriptural meaning:

    Of an appointed time period set for completely finishing an activity.

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