Senseless death is getting to me

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  • MsMcDucket

    Being a nurse, I get to see people die or find them dead almost on a weekly basis. It's amazing how their body loses it's spirit. They die and whatever power that made them move just goes out. I can't describe it to you. It makes you wonder what just happened? I mean did the life force just go back to the one that gave it. Or is the life force out there ready to inhabit some newborn? I just don't know.

    I'm getting burned out. I've called in several times this month. I'm sure that I'll be in the bosses office next week.

    My question is where does that life force go? I had a physics teacher explain it in a way that was understandable, but I sure as hell can't repeat it in a way that you'd understand it.

    There's a theological explanation and there's a scientific one. I think you should look up the scientific explanation of how a molecule can be used in the atmosphere. She said something like nothing ever really dies, that it gets used by something else. You know like how decayed stuff can help a tree grow...

    I don't know if this helps, but I know where you're coming from.

  • MsMcDucket

    I found this on science group web page. It might make sense to you. I dunno?


    ( i.e. it doesn't destroy itself before that !)

    There has been absolutely NO Creation and NO Destruction ...!
    Everything has stayed exactly SAME in its totality.

    ...just transformed.
    Just re-manifested, just changed in shape and form.

    From energy to matter, from matter to energy.
    ...and From Consciousness to energy and from energy to consciousness!

    different or ...unlinked.
    ...and, that might start explaining how energy `rises' in what
    is `seen' as Nothing!

    How minute neutrino particles traveling in space change from positive
    to negative, negative to positive and neutral ...many times on the
    That might also start explaining the entire galaxy might fit into
    something that seem to have No Size! might also start explaining how electrons emerge at different
    places after receiving some energy.
    And, how sub-atomic particles seem to `act' together no matter how
    far they are.

    The `entirety' that is known as `universe' is ONE Fully-Conscious
    The 99.999% of inside and outside is already `scientifically' known
    to be exactly Same.

    Pretty soon 100% would be known to be exactly Same and One.
    ...that is totally beyond space and time. which nothing really takes birth and nothing really dies.

    Just transforms, changes place ...but, nothing ever leaves out of it.

  • SixofNine

    I've been where you are, AA. It was kinda nice to have a HovaGod to talk to when you're curled up in the fetal position. But then of course, reality breaks thru, and god is shown so helpless as to be, well, non-existant.

    You seem to have a far greater understanding of why these bad things, these senseless deaths occur than most of the posters here. Understanding can't help but numb the pain eventually (in an almost zen-like fashion ;), the trick is to not get too numb; so that when you can do something to help, you will.

  • hamsterbait

    As far as I can see it, the claim that there is a big version of us up there, and all this is part of His Plan is far more disgusting than accepting that it is all just a big lottery with no ultimate purpose.

    Put your self in the position of the poor Mommy Mouse who slaves to feed her young only to see them eaten by cats. Where was God?

    Or the Philippino mother on Christmas Eve 1984 when the ferry capsized and nearly 1000 people were devoured by sharks with less than a dozen survivors. Where was God?

    If this "God" exists and these events are part of his "purpose" I think he should not be surprised if we spit our curses into the Celestial Face before we are annihilated, rather than properly answered.

    If it is all just chance, at least we know we are not laboratory rats, with somebody who could do something, but didn't, because one life didn't matter in the scheme of things.

    I have saved beetles and snails and frogs and birds, in my time. I also killed a wounded mouse once, and felt like a murderor - to end its terror. For no reward.

    But God expects a fanfare because somebody survived the smallpox virus he created, or typhoid or leprosy? Or the concentration camps or the killing fields or ? Okay some people say Christ said ask and you will recieve. People have been asking for 2000 years for peace and health and happiness. Have we got it?

  • AlmostAtheist

    Amazing what an evening chilling and a night's sleep can do, eh?

    I awoke this morning and realized that while senseless death continues, it is becoming less common than in past centuries. People have acquired better means to do it to more people more easily, and yet it happens less often. When a corrupt ruler decides to take over Kuwait, he gets smacked around. When a nutjob tries to get nukes, he get smacked around. (But he apparently got his nukes anyway)

    I guess there's a feeling this morning that while things are bad, they are moving in the right direction. The human rights abuses that were once tolerated are becoming less tolerated. Black lynchings are virtually unheard of now. Maybe gay bashings will move into the history books instead of the newspapers as well. People aren't going to accept honor killings and execution for adultery much longer.

    Thanks for holding my hand yesterday, everyone. You treated me as a god should. You are gods, all of you.


  • Billygoat
    But what if death is just a door to something more beautiful

    It sounds nice, but in reality many senseless deaths are brought about by people with that very concept in mind.


    I guess I say this, not from a religious perspective, but from a perspective of having struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts pretty much most of my life. I don't condone or excuse those that use that belief to do crimes. I guess I ponder that thought as a way to minimize the weight of the fear that we have about death. Death is death. Whether we believe we go to heaven or hell or nothingness, death is death. It's a door to something else. I guess I don't understand the fear of it. At many points in my life, I have actually prayed for peace of death to overcome matter the method...painful or no.


    Sorry for the heaviness first thing in the morning. I've struggled with depression this past month or so, which is hard. It's been a long time since I've had to deal with this monster.


  • AlmostAtheist
    Death is death. Whether we believe we go to heaven or hell or nothingness, death is death. It's a door to something else. I guess I don't understand the fear of it.

    Ah, I think I read too much into your post. I see what you're saying. Thanks for helping me get my head around it.

    I don't so much fear death (well... maybe a little..) as much as I mourn the lost potential of life. A four year old dies in a senseless and stupid way, and that's thousands of fun games she'll never play. That's overwhelming to contemplate.

    If I live to a ripe old age and see death approaching, I can believe now that I will accept it then. (What I actually think then remains to be seen!) But if I see my senseless death approaching at 40, I'll be terrified. All the lost potential. All the macaroni I've never strung, for instance. I've never even been to Disney Land.

    If death is a door, then I see it as an exit. Life is a beautiful, winding garden. Every side path leads to something, some more beautiful than others. For people that walk the entire length and breadth of the garden, explore every path, experience every flower, finding the exit and walking out might be just what they need. Whether something else exists on the other side or not, they're done. But when I see someone ordered out of the garden prematurely, especially when it is based on something ludicrous, it's appalling. They never got to the exit, they were just banished.

    But banishments are becoming rarer. And those that order them are being more often called to account for it. So it's encouraging.


  • Billygoat
    They never got to the exit, they were just banished.


    What if the life we live, here, in this garden is where we were banished to, from something greater? What if those that are here for shorter periods of time are actually the ones who have it good? Maybe those of us that are here longer are the ones with the short end of the stick.

    Again, just thinking out loud...feeling a little inside out this morning.


  • bebu

    (((Andi))) Sorry to hear that things are rough for you these days.

    Maybe those of us that are here longer are the ones with the short end of the stick.

    (Expanding on Andi's thought) Even if you manage to live safely and navigate the whole garden path well, the whole garden effect still get spoiled by the sufferings and deaths of others around you, which (should) cause a lot of grieving and mourning.

    If all people no longer suffer after death, then it's only here on earth where all the pain and sorrow is. (In other words, this garden is already a kind of hell--the short end of the stick--in many ways.)


    and 2 more cents

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