Jw movie

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  • whatistruth

    Pleasantville but with much more drama and evil intent

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I would hope to see a balanced documentary. In my personal opinion the Watchtower is simply a more extreme example of what most of the religions on this earth contain (I'm not saying there arn't other extreme groups out there because we all know of groups that are as bad or worse as the Witnesses). What i'm getting at is a movie that would use the Witnesses as an example of the bigger picture. One that shows how man made religious domination is everywhere. Just a thought.

  • Elsewhere

    I think it would be a lot like Donny Darko

  • TopHat

    If the movie was based on the many presidents and the GB of the WTS...I would say, comedy horror

  • Dune

    As a witness, i've always regarded myself as a soldier. So i think it would be like an army movie. It would start out all happy and determined. Full of zeal and merryness. Then this slowly declines into despair and paranoia. By the end of the movie, two thirds of the cast is dead. I guess what i'm trying to say is the realization that everything wasnt really worth it is shown at the end

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