What Happened to the Downloaded Info from Kents Site?

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  • NewLight2

    "Watchtower Observer site goes down"
    Posted by Norm on Jan 12, 2005
    There were quite a few threads posted about this. For those of you who know how to search by date could find them.

  • Legolas

    Wow I don't think I heard of him!

    If you find it let me know!

  • ballistic

    We're not through with the Watchtower are we Kent!?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    In his profile he says

    Crazy Norwegian, completely finished with the JWs and all their crap. Believe me - it's great! I'm sorry the Watchtower Observer is all gone, but I didn't have the time - nor interest - of keeping it running any more

    His Topic History from the beginning

  • ballistic

    I would want to share a beer with the guy any day and have done in the past. Why didn't I know his site was down???!!!

  • skyman

    His site was one of the best sites I used when I came out of the BORG

  • NewLight2

    The Newspaper server that hosted WO said that they would make a copy of the site so Kent came here to relay that info. There were many posters here at that time that were collecting the money to purchase the CD. The last I heard was that the CD was made and in Kent's hand. That is the last news that was posted on the open forum. There was a thread ongoing in the Campains section of this site - I was not one of the few who were invited to join in the plans which were to put up a site that was unreachable to the WT lawsuits.

    Now we have the same ole' story about the WT threatening websites they don't like.


  • fairchild
  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    there is no question kent's site. was in the TOP 5- X JW SITE'S. THE info i learner there, most of it is very hard to come by. i've spent 100's of hours on the watchtower observer. and still most likey only read about half of his site. i'm sure someone has downloaded . or saved the contents of WATCHTOWEROBSERVER.ORG. if i recall correctly kent was asking only $500 to package all of his site. for some x jw group to take over. and i offered $50-$100 to help keep it on line. i have no computer skills. but i'm sure the contents of kent's site. can return to the internet. it's all about $$$$$$ and someone that can . handle how to HOST IT again. if we all get off our fat asses and give $20 each . we can save great sites like QUOTES AND WATCHTOWEROBSERVER.ORG , and get them hosted in iraq or timbuk tu... john P.S. KEEP IN MIND THAT ANYONE THAT HAS DOWNLOADED OR BURNED CD'S OF ANY INFO FROM THESE SITES THAT THE WT HAS SHUT DOWN. WILL HELP NO ONE BUT YOURSELF. IF THE INFO IS NOT PUT BACK UP IN THE NET TO HELP OTHERS. AS IT HAS HELPED 1000'S HERE. i'm getting a little tired of hereing about all these great computer programers , internet know-it alls etc. we x jw's have here. yet when the shit hit's the fan. the wt just rolls over us. like a STEAMROLLER. and no one does shit. but talk... john

  • NewLight2

    Thanks for the link, fairchild, but I don't beleive that the posters who were involved with this project ever posted there. AlanF would probably know the information I desire.

    OH, Alan, where are you???


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