Quotes Mirror Sites: Attempt at Making a Single Place to Report Sites

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  • NewYork44M

    Eventually they are going to mess with the wrong cat, it will go to court, and it won't matter anymore because they will lose. How the hell can it be a copyright infringement to display the crap that they run around trying to give to people in their pajamas on saturday mornings!
    I predict that there will soon be someone who steps forward and set up this website with the expressed purpose of taking it to court. This sounds like something that an ACLU lawyer would be very interested in.

  • Nosferatu

    bumpity bump bump!

    Special thanx to those who have provided download links for the Quotes site. I now have my own offline copy! Also, the list of mirrors is also appreciated.

    The WTS really shot themselves in the foot now. Even though Quotes had to delete his copies of the website, other apostates have downloaded the entire site, put up mirrors, and the site is thriving stronger than it was before! Even better, Quotes himself said that he doesn't want to see nor hear about any mirror sites that go up. He has abandoned the whole thing, practically putting it all in the public domain, and no longer holds responsibility for it. With a minimum of 7 mirrors, the WTS isn't going to be able to shut them all down. News spreads fast in Apostaland (faster than FDS holy spirit), and if the WTS tries shutting one of these mirrors down, a pile more will re-appear. It's like trying to smash a blob of mercury with a hammer.

    Again, thanks for the links! I was going to ask for someone to put up a link so I could have my own copy anyway.

  • tryagain

    did you guys see they've made the transfer?

    "WATCHTOWER.CA" is registered.

    Domain Name: watchtower.ca (97567)
    Registered: 2000/11/09

    Last Modified: 2005/12/28
    Expires: 2008/12/01

    Registrant: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada (1393687)
    Jo-Anne Maher [email protected] (1352290)
    1 416 3647311 FAX 1 416 3611398

    Technical: [email protected] (1352290)

  • Nosferatu

    I was wondering about that...

    Registrant: Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada (1393687)

    Jo-Anne Maher [email protected] (

    Wow! I can't believe they put it under a WOMAN'S NAME!!!

  • Gozz

    Looks like it was handed over to the law firm; Ms Maher must work there...

    But one never knows, the firm may want to hussle the WTS for more website shut-down jobs, and email to Ms. Maher could let them know cones of Quotes 're all over the place now


  • AFX

    hey. http://www.qwotes.info/index.htm is down. Why ? :( I have used it for a while in my signature here in sweden. Please fix it whoever is hosting the site!


  • AFX

    Hi. Now its down again. :/.. It went up last time!

    Was a GOOD site!

    If anyone has the full site, please send me a pm!

    Here is a txt i wrote earlier tonight.


    This site.

    I would really want the whole site. I only got a 700mb mirror of it..

    Hope i can help some. But i hope someone has the whole maybe 4-6 GB big one.

    Its good for "educucational purposes" for future generations...
    And its so pathethic if "watchtower" removes their own quotes from the internet. Unbeleivable.
    I sure hope the one who hosted just got out of internet or money for hosting it.!

    Here is all i have.

    I hope the owner of the site or someone else read this. Just send me a pm..
    I will log in eventually. I rarey log in here. Soo if someone has or get the whole site or mirrored it all, please send me a pm.

    Peace out.



    Good for taking mirrors, while good sites are up.

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