Emotional Misfits!!!

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  • Golf

    When anyone talks about the JW's the only thoughts that wiz through my mind is, emotional misfits!

    Yesterday, my sister-in-law stopped by and spoke to my wife for close to two hours. Yes, it was about pass problems with her husband and the elders. Her story was all about manipulation and deception, it would make for a good movie.

    My sister-in-law has had a breakdown and is on pills, (how many witnesses are not on pills) anyways, she's an emotional wreck.

    My oldest sister (JW) who is in her early seventies is another emotionally damaged goods. I have a younger sister (JW) that's also an emotional wreck.

    One only has to come to forums of this nature and 'read' the serious emotional damage this organization has done to people. They have deprived and damaged people of a normal emotional life!

    When I was writing my golf book back in 1996, I wrote in part, "Golfers who copy or imitate others deprive themselves of their individuality thereby becoming clones of someone else. Clones have no personal identity."

    I've met some bright people in this org but emotionally their a wreck. My sister-in-law is one of them.

    The damage that pedophiles do to their victims is no different than what this organization has done to its' adherents!

    Thanks to all of you for speaking out.


  • Crumpet

    Nice post Golf. Recovery from spiritual and mental and emotional abuse, especially when the abuse begins with new born babies, is very difficult to overcome. You mind has been programmed from birth to think a certain way. I've sort of come to accept my view is always going to be warped but to spot that it is warped, have a laugh at it, do my best to correct it and move on.

  • Gill

    Good post, Golf. Just spot on!

    When I look back at how I 'thought' and 'felt' for nearly forty years I am amazed at my own stupidity, naivity and foolishness. Its taken over four years to grow up and I'm still growing now.

    The bOrg does not allow personality and feelings. I had, while a child, teenager, young woman, NO idea how I felt about anything, only how the bOrg thought and what people in the bOrg would think if I did this, that or the other. My emotional immaturity was...well non existent. No wonder I was a total wreck when I finally saw a counsellor and psychiatrist. Their answer to me....no drugs...no mind altering medicines...just....leave your cult religion.

    It worked.

    It's so good to know what you want and what you feel and not to feel guilty for just being yourself.

    I have spent some time with my JW parents in the last few days. Emotionally and in terms of mature sensible thinking they are now light years behind me. I felt sorry for them and all my still trapped relatives.

  • dinah

    Most of the ex's I've met and know (I am one too) are "damaged" in one way or another. Reading the articles about depression on the Free Minds site confirmed what I suspected.

    Those who were born in, or were brought in at a very young age seem to have more trouble coping once they are out. On a positive note, it does give us some strange senses of humor.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I dont know about this thread, how many really contented people do you meet of any stripe?

    I dont know all that many emotionally balanced people, JW or not.... seems this world has a way of keeping

    most of its passengers off an even keel[?]

  • greendawn

    The JW environment is rife with negative destructive energies, it lacks brotherly love and then look they have a spiritual dictatorship and emotional terrorism, they have no right to speak their minds and are constantly intimidated with the jehovah god image.

  • Aiesha Harley
    Aiesha Harley

    Crumpet I know exactly where you're coming from !

    I've lost count of the amount of times i've done things to try and fit in with everyone else to stop myself from being so different and fallen flat on my face in humiliation in the process - it's impossible and I'm surprised my liver has lasted all the drunkeness i've put it through trying to forget about the whole religion thing.

    After spending years trying to fit in, i'm glad that i'm different - my friends think i'm a complete loony but i actually enjoy looking at things from a different perspective to them.

    Thank god for being different, and yes i'm a completely mad emotional misfit but i'd rather be that than stuck in teenage hell.

  • Golf

    Thank's for your comments. If we think that the number twenty-three thousand have been victims of pedophila, think of the 'millions' who are deprived of a normal emotional life, yes, millions!

    Forums of this nature are useful in that we have encouraging and helpful contributors to give us hope and the needed emotional support. We can't ignore this ever present problem, we need to start somewhere to get our emotional lives on a positive track.

    For an alcoholic to get on the road of recovery he must first admit that he is an alcoholic. There is no shame to say we are emotionally unequipped. Leaning to love ourselves is a must to emotional stability.

    How can one love oneself? By not being critical and demanding of ourselves. Forgiving ourselves and not setting high expectations to the point we can't fulfill them. Be reasonable with your goals. Never and I mean never give up.

    If you have children hug and kiss them. Make it a daily routine and over a given period of time, you'll see the results. I'm no doctor Phil but I have six grown children and my wife's awesome love and care for them has had a positive impact. They all have goals and they pursue them without any hinderance from my wife and I. We support their endeavors.

    Encouragement and tolerance of others produces beneficial results.


  • ballistic

    We are the survivors, the people who survived. The people who escaped. Remember that.

  • Golf

    Ballistic, we may have excaped from the cluthes of the org. but have we excaped from the damages inflicted by this org?


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