Definition of an apostate?

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    I have nothing to say to your question, just wanted to welcome you here!


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    Definition of an apostate?

    Anyone who exposes the lies and deceptions of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

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    Definition of an apostate?


    One entry found for apostasy.

    Main Entry: apos·ta·sy
    Pronunciation: &-'päs-t&-sE
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural -sies
    Etymology: Middle English apostasie, from Late Latin apostasia, from Greek, literally, revolt, from aphistasthai to revolt, from apo- + histasthai to stand -- more at STAND
    1 : renunciation of a religious faith
    2 : abandonment of a previous loyalty : DEFECTION

    This is what the dictionary brought up but basically it means leaving a former group or idea. It has nothing to do with abandoning God as the Watchtower makes it seem. Abandoning the Watchtower is not abandoning God and nor is it abandoning Christ.


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    An apostate is one who doesn't go out in the field service on a Saturday morning...

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    darth frosty


    that was a well prepared argument you presented there. Sadly most witnesses wont get past the opening paragraph because they will shut off their minds at the thought of reading something from an apostate.

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    Welcome to the forum Thomas, apostasy is a standing away from the truth and something makes me feel that the JWs are among the greatest apostates since they keep acting in a clownish way by changing so frequently their dogmas. Eg most of what Rutherford taught is apostasy by today's standards. Soon the same will apply to Franz's dogma.

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    ThomasC: Greetings.
    It’s one thing to define, it’s another to ask as to whereto. I think C S Lewis spoke about someone abandoning their religion, looking up at the sky, and having their first religious experience. I enjoy a Muslim forum, and – although they don’t publicise the fact of folk leaving Islam for Christianity, they do have a special section for those moving in what may seem the other way. To me I say “bless ’em all”, as long as each moves in the right direction! I hold messiah to be God’s ultimate revelation: the person abandoning their ‘religion’ might be moving closer to God; the ‘Christian’ because their family is who turns to Islam might be taking a real step towards God, and by his grace may eventually come into the fuller light.
    If apostasy means falling away from God, may that never be. If it means falling away from a tradition which is either a weed (never good) or chaff (a useful stage), then perhaps we may speak of a good apostasy, even a required apostasy. May you & yours journey in God.

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