Dinner with College Professor

by RichieRich 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • joelbear

    good for you

    good for him for saying what he actually thought

    if all witnesses did this, witnessdom would be a lot different and might actually come to resemble christianity.

  • xjwms


    Thanks for posting this

    A very good reading...and I enjoyed all the positive comments.

    While you are in, so to speak, its great to plant seeds... and I think you are doing just that.

  • bebu

    Loved reading that, Richie! I agree that you should ride his coattails. I got a feeling that he'll go from being a prize catch to being an ex-dub soon. I wonder if you shouldn't privately ask him his opinion about another juicy issue that would require internet research (I assume he does that)...


  • Elsewhere
    Unfortunately, you are going to prove the WT right.

    When you go to college, you are also going to leave the borg. The congregation will then stand back and say its proof that going to college pulls young ppl out of the "truth". I hope they dont hold you up as a bad example, to discourage other young ppl going to collge.


    Hell, if they want to flush their lives down the drain while mocking you for achieving success... so be it. Just make sure you wave at them from your car as you pass them doing their "Pioneer Shuffle".

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