Subscriptions available to disfellowshipped Witnesses

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  • gumby

    Here's the kicker for those who wonder WHY a disfellowshipped inmate can recieve magazines.

    If the Congregation Service Committee submits a request for subscriptions for someone who cannot otherwise obtain them, the secretary should include a brief note verifying that this subscription request has been reviewed and approved by the Congregation Service Committee.

    If your a known apostate, the service committee will not honor a inmates request for magazines.

    It looks like to me any disfellowshipped inmate requesting magazines will be first reviewed by the service committee to see if that person is worthy of recieving them and it doesn't appear just ANY DFed inmate can expect to recieve them.


  • garybuss

    Gumby, does that mean I should go to jail? Or not? Now I'm confused.

  • gumby
    Gumby, does that mean I should go to jail? Or not? Now I'm confused

    Only if you really want the magazines and ain't no damn heathen apaostate Gary. Tell me you ain't no heathen apostate Gary.....say it ain't so!!!


  • Finally-Free

    Subscribe to the watchtower again? Why would I want to do that???

    It would be more entertaining and educational to play with my gag reflex.


  • Scully

    I get enough junk mail already. Why would I want more?

  • AlmostAtheist

    It's fun to flip through a Watchtower now and then. Like playing "where's waldo", looking for the damning bit of crap that is undeniably false, among the piles of other crap that are merely almost-surely false.

    So it's like playing "where's waldo" with a book full of nothing but waldo's, and you're looking for the one that has an off-white hat.


  • garybuss

    Gumby, There's a slight . . . teeny . . . very small, chance that I might be an apostate.

  • tijkmo

    a question from readers last year said that df can get the mags at the hall themselves from the mag department (like anyone would stand next to them in the queue)..but they were not to receive them any other way nor be anyones route call...i remember thinking at the time that surely they would argue that reading the mags would have a positive effect on a df person and make them wanna change..

  • lucifer

    i found mags at my works, i stashed em outta the lunch room, annnnd then i threw em out, no regrets

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