Apostates protesting conventions = Something I laughed at

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  • pratt1

    Although I left the Borg because of the restrictive and intrusive nature of the religion, the apostates I saw at the NY assemblies always caught my interest.

    It amazed me that people who professed to be so Christlike were so negative about these apostates.

    I always wondered why not talk to these professed apostates and lovingly convince them that they are on the wrong path?

    Condemnation just didn't seem to be in harmony with the Borg's teachings.

    It made me wonder, what is the Borg trying to hide from the rank and file.

    It planned early seeds of doubt in my mind.

  • lonelysheep

    Me, too Pratt.

    Those early seeds came to the surface when I came here and realized that apostates aren't liars.

    I avoided assemblies like the plague! Looking back, I would have loved to see some protesters when I did go. I know I would've read any signs if they were there.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    I think these protest (and any criticism of the WT for that matter) could be MOST effective if it simply provided information.


    That was (and is) the genius behind Quotes' site.

    The WT is built on a foundation of bad or omitted information. All that has to be done is make that information known. That is it. There is no need to condemn the WT, their words and actions condemn themselves. Any philosophy that has as one of it's tenets that a group of people have a monopoly on absolute truth will always crumble under the weight of it's internal contradictions. The WT is no different.

    So for a protest to be really effective, it would be good just to have some simple and humble signs (if that is possible) that say things like?

    "Got Doubts? freeminds.org"

    "Does Anybody Else Have These Questions? jehovahs-witness.org"

    "If it is the truth should I fear asking questions? jehovahs-witness.org"

    Stuff that ridicules or attacks or is snotty or condescending will only feed the cult genes.

    It is difficult I know. We all have lost so much to this bunch. Our instincts are to attack. But nothing hurts the WT more then opening a closed mind.


  • mouthy

    Wasn't it David Reed & wife who left the jw's after reading signs by protesters that read, "Read the Bible not the Watchtower

    Yes It was -David & Penny are dear friends of mine- they were instrumental in getting me free ...
    I have picketed loads of times Had wonderful experiences... Known folks who came free....JUST FROM US PICKETING !!!! He who laughs first laughs last

  • AuldSoul


    AMEN, brother. Anything anyone does with that objective in mind is going to knock away at the foundation of that cult with a 40 pound sledge.


    Hello! How are you today?


  • mouthy


    Hello! How are you today?


    Thank you for asking !!! Back still out.But it is better than it was for the last two weeks

  • Gozz

    Pratt: excellent point!

    When I was a "study" and went to the Assembly with a bunch of brothers and sisters, I recall asking why they appeared to despise the picketers so much (it was all so clear in the attitude of the JWs; their reaction was, to me, insxplicable). Unfortunately, I missed most of the garbled explanations they gave. I should add that the picketers were very civil and orderly; they kept their cool, and you could almost feel their pain by touch; they wore signs; one of them written in the colour of blood read: "Blood Doctine is Murder in Disguise", or sth like that. It was touching.


  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    I too wonder about the effectiveness of this approach but as a few others have mentioned I dont see any thing wrong with them trying. It certainly leaves an impression with the average JW, good or bad, otherwise we wouldnt be debating the issue here on this forum, right?

  • Check_Your_Premises

    And if you are protesting, don't yell or scream. Just sit out and smile and wave to them as they pass by. Not a phony smart-assy type smile. A real, warm, genuine smile.

    I have pictured making my "opposition" fully known to my wife eventually. My whole tack would be that I don't have any objections to the WT necessarily. I just want to make sure info is available. There were so many questions I had that I had to find out on my own. What could be wrong with making info available. What could be wrong with helping people to know what info is available.

    Then I would drive with her to the convention or assembly. She would drop me off at the front gate with my signs that ask humble questions, and point to sites like Quotes, ajwrb, silent lambs, freeminds, and BRCI. I would sit outside. She would go inside. At lunch we would eat together. At the end of the day we would go home together.

    Wouldn't that be hilarious?!?!?


  • Beep,Beep

    ""It certainly leaves an impression with the average JW, good or bad""

    Yes it does leave an impression, however not the impression most would hope for. The last time I saw one of these protesters I was a teenager and I thought what a complete waste of their time. They certainly made a NEGATIVE impression but then most protesters do create a negative impression.

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