If Cash Flow Ends, What Then?

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  • cyber-sista

    The WT discourages its followers to get a good education. They also discourage them from seeking wealth or jobs that pay well. Most of the WT victims in the US have been poor or middle class. The middle class in this country in struggling now in general with the increased costs of living, housing, etc. I predict that once the older middle class ones die off the ones who follow won't have much to give. I can't see the US JWs will have enough to support the 3rd world expansion when they can't even pay their own debts.The WT does have a lot invested in property in the US and property values have increased dramatically in the past few years. I imagine they will start to sell these off when they need the money. There is a congregation in the area where I live who has needed a KH for several years, but property value is too high in the area. they travel about an hour to a KH an dwith the cost of gas and all I am wondering how many will be able to afford it after awhile. And, with the cost of living people are working more and I think some will get discouraged, being tired out and then being made to travel long distances to the KH.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It used to be that the WTS was proud of its humble roots and humble little halls. Since I left 20 years ago the move to bigger and most ostentacious properties have taken the place of most of the older smaller halls.

    My prediction: Thw WTS will sell off the bigger halls telling the R&F the end is so close they don't need these places and that when the end comes the wold beast will just destroy them. This will move the R&F to follow along as humble sheep.

    The society's goal will always be to keep the money. They will sacrifice people, ethics and values to maintain what they have. And the pressure will always be to find some new issue to move the masses on to supporting an organization that offers pipe dreams

  • Rabbit

    I like the sounds of that.

    So-o...how can folks here, who still go to meetings & assemblies, COST the Society money ? As they start their fade, NOT giving is the first & easiest way to become an EXPENSE rather than an ASSET.

    I haven't been there for a few years, so I don't know how literature counter is handled.

    How can literature be wasted with the highest efficiency ?

    How about keeping the WT's telephone lines busy & the bethelites that are assigned to answer them ? They may have to pull folks from other chores, like printing and cleaning and ruling the world.

    • But, what other ways ? Ya' know...besides wasting toilet paper. Like fixing plumbing for instance ? heheh

    • How many ways can we think of that would affect their 'cash flow' ?


  • ohiocowboy
    "punish" them by threatening to close assembly halls and drop the Awake completely

    I think that would be more of a reward than a "Punishment"!

  • sf


    You fascinate me.

    Tell me, what do you dream at night? And, do you think alot about the org. or do these posts just hit you?


  • Goldminer

    Like I said before...

    ...slowly imploding...


  • delilah
    Isn't this where they put into action, what they preach, about relying on Jehovah????
  • james_woods

    I found this old thread the other day - it is interesting to consider the points made again, after six years have gone by.

    For sure, the literature downsizing and the selling off of real estate has really occurred.

    Certainly, a new emphasis on contributions is always put before the witnesses - again and again.

    Wonder what further changes will happen in the future?

  • Chaserious

    I wonder how smart they are with organizational planning and investing. If they are smart, I would imagine they'd have something like $2 Billion in investible assets, from the sale of real-estate and surpluses in WWW donations. I imagine, well invested, they could get around a 10% return, tax free. If they're that well prepared, and refuse to spend money they don't have coming in, I would think that no matter how much contributions dry up in wealthy countries, they could shrink HQ to a small size, cut back on global projects, and run everything almost in perpetuity on $200 Mil a year in investment income plus whatever donations they are still getting.

  • james_woods

    And that is exactly what I think they are doing, Chaserious. The selling off of the NY property, cutting way, way back on paper printing (maybe ending it completely in the future) and greatly downsizing the Bethel and farm staffing seem to be all in this direction.

    An inner core of a couple of hundred could live out their existence very well on the investment income they have.

    Interesting, though, that many on JWN could see this coming over five years ago.

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