When you were a JW, which would you have prefered living on earth or heaven

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  • greendawn

    Living for ever just on this earth would be dead boring after a while, for ever means millions of years and the earth is too small to sustain interest for such lengths of time. It shows how limited and uninspired the FDS are, they can't perceive the larger picture, their voice is not that of the genuine shepard.

    The saved will have both the earth but also the heavenly dimension they will switch freely between the two natures and will operate in both worlds, in fact they will have the earths since more will be opened up for human habitation. It's all due for those sharing in the unimagined and eternal power and glory of the Father as part of New Jerusalem.

    There will be no people of the watchtower FDS type anywhere in this set up, they will instead rot in hell for all the blashemous lies and suffering they have caused, Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, Franz etc

  • blondie

    I was taught and believed that God chose you for life in heaven or on earth, not you the individual. I never felt that God would choose me because the number had already been filled by the time I showed up. I did know a few JWs that felt they had been chosen as "replacements." One eventually stopped partaking. I feel that in order to be successful or happy in life, one has to be able to find happiness and grow on earth. If heaven is just an escape from earthly life, that doesn't say much about my ability to grow and improve around persons on earth.


  • Crumpet

    I knew I had an eartly hope right from age 3, bible story book number 10 or something when the angels found heaven so bloody boring and the women on earth so irresistble they gave up heaven to come to earth. Like serendipty i like earthy sensuality and the idea of angelic purity and asexuality appalled rather than appealed to me from a very early age - long before I found my G spot.

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