Does it shock you that there are so few people on this board?

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  • free2beme

    I read once that the Witnesses loss between 30,000-50,000 members in the United States alone each year. I know the numbers for worldwide exits, must be even larger and times that by all the decades of people leaving and you come to a fairly nice size number. I realize some of these decreases are deaths, losing track of correct totals or a percentage returning right back into the congregation. In any sense, from going on boards like this (I post only on this one, but read others from time to time), it seems that there is a core group of regular posters who hit all the boards and a few dozen others who are regular to each board and do not seem to cross over. In all, a very small number compared to what I would expect from the amount of people leaving. Why do you think that is? Are it just lurkers or do you think a lot of people in the internet society do not realize these boards exist? In any sense, I think it is wrong to see these boards as a place to heal only. Boards like this, are like visiting the local pub to me. You come in, chat, debate or simply listen to people who have a common background. So saying others are not looking for healing, does not make sense to me either. Maybe they are scared, who knows?

  • blondie

    I think we forget that there are many more boards than JWD. I can think of at least 20 others and I know that I don't know about all of them. Some are for ex-JWs who seek a more traditional religious platform, others are more social.

    We don't know how many people who are ex-jws and walk-aways read such sites on the internet.

    People are in different stages of healing too.

    Then not everyone has computer savvy or access.

    So I'm not surprised that JWD doesn't have 30,000 posters and/or lurkers.


  • SPAZnik


  • ballistic

    Some people have no computer, some people have no interest in chatting on the internet about anything whatsoever.

    I heard through the grapevine that a friend of mine in another congregation has now left the org, but I have no way of contacting him and it's in another town so not likely to bump into him. And no intermediary to contact through as no witnesses speak to me. I would be as shocked as hell if he joined here and posted one day.

  • stillajwexelder

    well it depends what you mean by so few. If you look at the stats this board is doing very well and has large numbers of visitors

  • greendawn

    From the statistics that I've seen two thirds of people in the USA and UK have home access to the internet which means another one third don't. And of those that do some probably don't like much typing posts or e mails that was the case with me for a long time, I just liked surfing.

  • Bryan

    After me escape, out of fear, it took me 10 years just to google "Jehovah's Witnesses".


  • IP_SEC

    I dunno,

    I've met several people on this board that I know in RL and would have never expected them to be here. I think there are a ton of lurkers, and a bunch of newbs posting every week.

    A lot of them are probably like I once was, horrified of getting caught and afraid to post.

    I am shocked at the number who get dfd or fade only to think that they've left to truth. I think that as the web grows as a common place tool that more and more of these will find their way here.

    1. Some people dont use a computer
    2. Some leavers think its still the truth
    3. Some are just glad to be gone and dont need a place like this.
    4. Some are lurking.
    5. Some just want to get on with life and forget about the JWs
    6. If it matters to them and they know of the place, then they post here.

  • icare4u

    it doesnt shock me in the least bit. I have noticed that many here make it unpleasant for alot of new ones here.

  • ballistic
    it doesnt shock me in the least bit. I have noticed that many here make it unpleasant for alot of new ones here.

    really? In what way? do you have an example?

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