Are YOU a Risk Taker?

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes, I stand up for what's right. That has gotten me into trouble at work. In this SW Michigan culture, people don't tend to be assertive, so I really stand out like a sore thumb here.

    I have a sweetheart/soulmate who is almost 15 years my jr. That's risky. But so far, so good. I'm back from Connecticut now; and this has been a wonderful week. Christmas day with him in our home was the best Christmas present I received. We sat on our sofa, drank coffee and just visited. We smiled at each other so much.He held my hand and gazed into my eyes a lot of the time. It was all very beautiful.January 13 will make six years of friendship that blossomed later into love.

  • Golf

    Interesting love story flyinghigh. 15 yrs your jr. good for you. People who are 'doers' whether their witnesses or not, are risk-takers. I lived in Bridgeport Conn back in the 50's. My dad being a high steelworker (non-witness) traveled here and there for work and us younger ones had to tag along.

    I agree with those who say risk taking is being on this forum. Mind you, it may not be comparable to cliff climbing or jumping out of planes but to them its still a risk, a risk of not be found out there spending time with folks who don't agree with the policy's of the WTB&TS.


  • FlyingHighNow
    I lived in Bridgeport Conn back in the 50's.

    New England is different than I expected it to be. I found the people down to earth and friendly. They were big spenders compared to Michigan. Beautiful countryside, too.

    I worked in Rhode Island while I was there, a forty mile drive from where I was staying in Connecticut. I transferred to my job temporarily. That was risk taking. When I called to come back to work here, and they knew I was to come back, the new manager, decided there was no place for me. I ended up going to the other store, a bit further away, to work. More risks.

    I was staying in Groton with my daughter and her family, trying to help them. I was there from the beginning of September until a week ago Sunday. I guess you could say that was risky, driving to and from Connecticut by myself and trying to help with the grandkids, etc. My car died while I was there: a broken timing belt. It took weeks for it to be fixed by my son in law. Thank goodness it didn't break on the long trip out there or home. And Andy and I spoke on the phone everyday but one. He was lonely here and that was risky. But we passed the tests put before us and are better for them.

  • Golf

    Yeah females driving alone is 'risky.' You gotta make sure the car is in good condition when you venture out to other States. Grandma you say? How many times?

    I'm glad to hear you have a fine relationship, emotionally, its a big plus, a must.

    As to New England, well, I tell everyone I'm a Bostonian at heart. I grew up in the South End as a youngster, baseball was my religion.

    Oh, my oldest sister lived in Kalmazoo but she's now in SF.Ca. I come from a large family. Coming from the old school, the witness faith didn't have a major affect on some of my bro's & sister's.

    There's many things we do that are risky but we don't think about at the time, right?


  • gabriella

    I usually have an inner battle over taking risks. For example, I found the courage to leave the witnesses but have not written a dissassociation letter. I went parasailing and scuba diving on vacation but did not take a risk and have an affair with the gorgeous guy that I met, because I did not want to hurt my boyfriend. It is always a mind/heart battle with me. In my heart, I know that taking risks are what makes life exciting and meaningful. Then, my mind kicks in and I don't want to hurt the people I care about or do something that I'd regret later. My family is always telling me that I'd have more fun if I didn't care what people thought and took more of a "screw the world" attitude. I guess I'm just not to that point. I suppose that not being calloused can be a good or a bad thing, sometimes I feel like my consciense is a blessing, other times it feels like a weight holding me back.

  • Golf

    Gabriella, allow time to be your friend. Basically we're not risk free. This past week a language teacher passed away after having heart surgery, it was really unexpected. He was doing fine and then, gone!

    I'm not asking for dramitic risk taking adventures but what you consider risky. We all don't have the same measure of nerves, hey some people love doing dangerous things like toying with death. Some people are afraid of their own shadow.

    My work involves heights. One thing you need to keep in mind about heights is to 'respect' it.

    I've know women who have had affairs with men and almost died from contracting a disease.

    Not all risks are deadly. Bad breath and body order can be a cause for having no friends.

    How about balance?


  • ButtLight
    Last time I went to visit Buttlight, I entered the bathroom, just after she came out...... PU

    Little does he know that I used the litter box, which he scooped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yes, im a risk taker!

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