Are YOU a Risk Taker?

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  • Golf

    I am, how about you or do you prefer your comfort zone?

    Being a risk taker doesn't mean you have to put your life literally on the line i.e., did you ever stand up to someone in authority and give them a piece of your mind?

    What are some of the things YOU did that YOU considered risk-taking?


  • PoppyR

    At work a couple of weeks ago, one of the BIG bosses came into a room, judged the situation and said something really stupid. Everyone kept quiet, but I felt really incensed, and I said so. I said they needed to take responsibility for what they had just said, and if they had a problem to outline it and make it clear. There was a hush.. the boss left the room and I started looking through the job

    A couple of days later this boss was NICE as PIE to me, and I felt some kind of inner victory that they had clearly had some respect about the fact I had actually had the guts to say something when they were just blowing off steam and in our direction.

    Guess when I get back after new year and find my P45 it'll be a different story!!

    Poppy xxx

    ps.. p45, uk speak for final notice.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    That was gutsy Poppy.... good for you!

    ps.. p45, uk speak for final notice

    here we call it a "pink slip".

  • Golf

    PoppyR, you still said your gutsy piece. Hey, you may get promoted or get a raise in pay? I can dream can't I?


  • bigmouth

    I'm visiting JWD aren't I!?

    Down here the 'pink slip' is called a DCM-Don't Come Monday.

  • PoppyR

    yes Golf you can dream, but I can share in it....

    ahhhh, no I'm unlikely to get promoted, but another manager of mine did commend me once on the fact I went directly to her instead of moaning about the situation like everyone else. I just prefer to be direct. But I'm slightly dissapointed thats' the best risk I can think

    Off to think of something really risky to do today, might even go out without my coat...


  • Confession

    Yes, it hasn't always come easy to me, but when I'm convinced something is right, I take the risk. I occasionally did this as a young elder--but only when I felt sure I had a leg to stand on. I also did this just recently with a certain manager.

    I own my own business, but one of my clients has hired me as an employee to do weekend work only. I make group presentations to families and it involves lots of travel. I've been doing it for a year--and love it. But there is one, little manager who absolutely runs ramshackle over all the employees. He used to be openly fraudulent and a complete disgrace to the company. Everyone was in fear of him, and I couldn't understand why no one spoke up to the primary manager. Turns out, they're just scared that he'll somehow get them fired.

    Well, screw him. When I had clear and provable evidence that he defied a direct order from his superior--and also left our job site for an entire afternoon (a HUGE no-no with this company,) I told on him. And when his superior told me he'd make sure I wasn't identified as the tattler, I told him I'd prefer he didn't keep that information private; I wanted him to know.

    Once word got out that I'd spoken out about him, four others immediately rushed in with their horror stories. Now, he's still considered a conniving jerk by the staff, but at least measures have been taken to prevent his fraud.

    Oh, and I put my hands up while on a rollercoaster once in awhile too. (But not for very long...)

  • PoppyR
    Oh, and I put my hands up while on a rollercoaster once in awhile too. (But not for very long...)

    LMAO.. Now that's real risk taking, none of this namby pamby life altering, career changing stuff!

    Poppy xx

  • zagor

    15 years ago one at that time "worldly" man told me something that changed my life ever since

    "If you don't risk anything you are probably safe and have noting to lose, but you know what, you have nothing to hope for either"

    That was the sentence that eventually led me out of the Borg too. I never stopped taking risks and I'm always amazed how things turn in my favor and more importantly life is much more enjoyable this way. Borg methodologies turn you into dormant idiot, and I see now why they do it. They don't give a crap about you or your safety, but it is certainly easier to control you if you are predictable.

  • Golf

    Great experiences, keep em coming.

    Zagor, I can relate to your comment. In golf, I'm a real risk-taker. I try to pull off the impossible shots and most of the time they work. I've taught my youngest son to do the same thing and he does. The excitement, whether the risk is in your favor or not, its a thrilling feeling!!!!! Yeah, go for it!

    Confession, that was great, two thumbs up! About that roller coaster ride. My older sister and I (she lived in Brooklyn) would go to Coney Island and ride the roller coaster until our faces turned color.

    Bigmouth, well said.


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