Struggling in a relationship with a JW

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  • SomeGeek

    Hey Star Welcome!

    I know it seems harsh when most fo the people on the board tell to run. But in all honesty it is so true. The site is good in that it gives advice and truth, but remeber sometimes truth hurts.

  • Golf

    Welcome to the forum. You say you've been with him for 4 years. I don't know how emotionally attached you are with him and him with you. I married my childhood sweetheart (non-witness) and we've been married for 43 years. I will admit, she is a strong person 'emotionally.'

    It was a rollercoaster ride for her even though we knew each other since childhood. My situation was not due to the beliefs of the JW's but rather my domineering mother but it didn't help.

    Someone suggested you introduce him to this forum, that's a good idea. All I can say is, there are no guarantees in a relationship. I just bought a new washing machine yesterday, it has a 5 year warranty, does that help?


  • Clam

    LOL @ "taking the plunge"

  • Clam

    Hypocricy is always a theme in these cults isn't it. This guy sounds like he fits the mold.

    Oh no don't celebrate Christmas and defend the bizarre and dangerous blood transfusion policy, but fornication? Oh well theres always repentance down the line.. .

    Find a guy who deserves you and doesn't share you with a false prophet.

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