Witnesses LOVE Christmas Lights!

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  • Satanus


    To cut or paste, use the edit feature of the browser. To put quoted text in a box, select it and then click on the little white baloon w the two little quote marks in it. If we were closer, we could have some interesting conversations, while walking among the trees. I'm not trying to guilt trip you. If you are aware of the yin/yang, then why would you reject things like wikka?


  • Golf

    My sister use to live in Attleboro Mass., North I think. Wow, the town lights were something to see. "...nothing is defiled in itself; only where a person considers something to be defiled, to him it is defiled." Romans 14:14


  • Satanus


    Are trees inanimate? Why worship things that are animate?

    If jesus is really there, he must know where i am. Does jesus want worship? For something/someone to be worshipped by me, it would have to be/do something that is beyond awesome. Consider our local star, known as the sun. Every day it gives us its light and warmth. It is what makes things grow, keeps our earth going, etc etc. Yet, not many people worship it. Considering all of the above, is it not worthy of worship? Are you sure that it is inanimate?


  • Billygoat
    Just because i roll around on the lawn, hug trees, talk to animals, smoke the 'erb, stare at sunsets, eat meat, am kind to spiders and ants, hang lights, meditate, does that make me pagan? Well, maybe.

    Eeks. Maybe I'm pagan too. Except I don't roll around on the lawn. Unless it's with my husband naked in a full moon. Hmm. Maybe I am pagan.

  • gumby

    Well now, I see Golf, and Reaper, and ol' Satanus himself is talkin on my Christmas lights thread bout huggin a damn tree eh?

    Golf....I liked your point, but from a christian point of view....if adultry was clean in the eyes of a christian, god would still abhor it. I know what you meant though


    My wife still practices Electro-Acupuncture, even though a number of Christians think its from the Devil.

    We had a sister in the hall who was always into things like you mentioned. She also did Kineasyology (spelled way wrong). She was always counciled for being involved in the unknown medical practices and told pretty much to stick to known and recognised methods of healing and to quit messing with weird stuff.

    The witnesses have always been big on demonizing anything that is not understood fully;eg; esp, psycics,etc. Looking back on all their old medical beliefs... maybe they feel they are not falling for a miracle wheat scam, or aluminum scare anymore

    You mentioned Yeshua is in the trees and you and your wife can feel he and the father in them and other created things. This seems to differ from Christs teachings. The only tree he dealt with I can remember was one he cursed........the fig tree. He never mentioned hugging trees or the like to get close to him. He did it through prayer, the spirit, and his indwelling within the believer who was in him,(christ.) If he will talk to you through a tree......why would he not he answer me when I prayed and begged him for answers at one period in my life and doesn't seem to answer many others here on this board?


  • Satanus

    When we got out of the Borg, we went to a forest every Sunday and prayed to the Universal Consciousness and Yahweh and Yeshua. We asked him if there was good in ALL religions. We started hugging tree's and could feel the Yin or Yang energy going through them. All nature is at one with the Universal Creator.

    Whoa there, reaper. You say things like that, and your fellow christians will think that you are sliding into the pantheist pit. Actually, i can feel 'god' in everything. I just have not seen/felt/heard/percieved the jewish guy jesus that you talk about. The same goes for the jewish god, not that i haven't tried. I know what you will say next, i didn't do it right. Aparently, those jewish deities like to be approached in exactly certain ways, or they get miffed. Well, too bad (for me, or for them, whatever).


  • reaper

    Gumby, I did not say we felt Yeshua actually IN the trees. What I said was, that we used to pray amongst the trees, and felt much closer to God than we ever did in the Kingdom Hall. We hugged the trees, because it helps Earth us. Much of the tree is in the Earth (Yin) and the other part reaches to the heavens (Yang) Its really magnetic energy, positive and negative, male and female, dark and light etc.,

    The whole cosmos teaches me that their is design and creation, and that is what I ment by God being in ALL things. I was not saying I believed in Animist beliefs such as the Aboriginal Tribes and Native American Indians.

    It was such a calm place that it helped us detox from the Cult and get closer to God.

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