Gaps in Fossil Record Disprove Evolution? What about Gaps in Creationism?

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  • stillajwexelder

    Thankyou for your post reluctant buddha and welcome to the board. I think your points are excellent - I never though of rebutting Intelligent Design proponents the way you do. May I to defend SNG - not that he needs defending as a he is way too intelligent and can look after himself. SNGs posts have had a great part in weaning me of being a creationist - While not yet a full-blown believer in evolution I am rapidly coming around to that point of view. A trip to the Grand Canyon also helped me. Tetrapod.Sapien and Alan F also have great argumentation

  • hooberus
    While not yet a full-blown believer in evolution I am rapidly coming around to that point of view. A trip to the Grand Canyon also helped me.

    stillajwexelder, If you like I'll give you a copy of the below book on this subject (its Christmas).

  • seattleniceguy

    LOL...thanks for your help, guys. :-) I didn't expect to have not one but two people totally misunderstand the purpose of my post!


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Reluctant Buddha,

    Nice artwork; but you're mistaken if you think that all proponents of ID -- or even a majority of them -- subscribe to the notion of the Bible's literal inerrancy. Do you really believe that the notion of a vegetarian T-Rex is in the mainstream of ID hypotheses? That's as much of a ``straw" main as the Pilt-Down fella.

    Nor is it particularly objective or honest to suggest that the creationist concept (not Young-Earth Creationism, but one which accommodates and allows for some forms of evolutionary development) is so completely implausible as to be dismissed out of hand.

    Nice artwork, though.

  • wombat

    Just love the artwork and the irreverent comments.

    I've forwarded it all around the world.


  • wombat

    Hey Star Moore............. Maybe they ate bark or roots or other hard types of vegetation?? many trees would've been left on this planet if they had been "ring barked" or had their roots eaten ? One small incision around a tree will kill it as it stops the gum from rising. I think that a tree needs roots too. Think harder.

  • Spectrum

    Reluctant Buddha,
    You make an excellent point. I remember being told by JWs that carnivores never existed before the fall of Adam and their carnivor teeth were just an adaptation since Adams fall but I never thought to consider the fossil record and accepted it in good faith. And yes your are right I was very quick to point to evolutions missing links problem.
    However your challenge goes a bit wonky when you start attributing these absurdities to ID. You can attribute them to all religious zealots but not to all IDers which I am one.

  • wombat

    Spectrum.....Pls explain why these absurdities should not apply to you

  • Spectrum


    Simply because I don't believe in the biblical version of creation. I believe that an Intelligent Creator created us possibly by a process of evolution but certainly not that it was a blind mainly random process.

  • mkr32208
    This entire thread assumes that all creationists believe that before the Fall there where not any carnivores

    No it assumes that all creationist are idiots... Strangely I have no issues with that!

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