Comments You Will Not Hear at the 12-25-05 WT Study (Hosea-Reap)

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  • reaper

    I only read a couple of the paragraphs, and it was starting to get the Demonic Oppression affect me again. Every time a try to read their stuff, I get the same awful feeling of contamination. The EVIL is designed into the Watchtower Publications, and the effects that it gives off are death dealing.

    I just heard a few days ago, that another JW has committed suicide, no wonder with all of that pressure they put on people. I now know of 5 JWs who killed themslves. One unfortunately I studied with and got him involved. He married the wrong woman and regreted it, but could not get out of it and killed himself.

    They twist everything the scriptures say. We love our God and we love his Son who gave his life for us. We can learn all we NEED TO KNOW without their garbage.

    I just wonder what all the Christians did before Russell and Rutherfraud distorted Gods word?????????

  • AuldSoul

    Thank you so much, blondie! Once again, an excellent review. It goes all over me when I see them equate themselves to Jehovah.


  • willyloman

    Much like the Quotes site, your series stands as a monument to the arrogance, audiacity and deceit practiced by the WTS in its own words. Thank you so much, Blondie, for the doing this. The work that goes into this research is invaluable and will help many escape the the WT shackles.

  • cyber-sista
    12 Hosea's words contain a warning for many churchgoers today. They make

    offerings to God in the form of religious practices. But their worship has

    little, if any, real influence on their daily conduct. Are such people really

    pleasing to God if their hearts do not motivate them to take in accurate

    knowledge of him and to apply that knowledge by turning away from sinful

    practices? Let no one imagine that religious works alone please God. Jehovah

    finds no delight in humans who try to earn his favor by a mere form of worship

    instead of truly living by his Word. -2 Timothy 3:5.

    What a truly arrogant statement. In my small community there is a Catholic church foodbank (open to all) and another church that raises funds through a second hand store for the needy. I do not particularly support these churches religious beliefs, but their humanitarian efforts and the good people who work hard to support these efforts are not to be discounted, especially to the people who make use of them. (Side note: Single sister in the congo made use of church food bank--to feed her kids-- when she was told there was no help for her in the congregation) A friend who is a nurse and a red cross worker just returned from working setting up shelters and offering relief to hurricane Katrina victims. She was there from the beginning and is just now returing home after several grueling months of self sacrificing work. I know several humanitarians who are not particularly religious, but loving, compasssionate people who want to help their fellow man in whatever way they can. I also know religious people who gain strength from their faith and who try to live a good life according to bible principles, the golden rule or other religious enlightenments.

    So what is WT righteousness? It appears that it is based on works being: attending 5 meetings a week, studying in the WT publications continually and going door to door and looking for new converts who will be trained to do the same. And, how truly valuable are these works to the needy and less fortunate of this world? WT works are dead works.

    thank you blondie,


  • yesidid
    Even repentant wrongdoers will have an unhappy outcome--look what happened to King David, his infant son died, 2 adult sons died, a daughter was raped by her half-brother, David's wives were raped publicly by his one son, but David kept living, was allowed to stay married to Bathsheba and have another son who became King of Israel.
    That's what happens when you use OT examples, people under the Mosaic Law and not the Law of Christ.

    Blondie your thought about using OT examples was very insightful.

    Would it not be the same as charging a person in the US for something they did in Russia and was against the law there, but not law in the US. In both cases they are two completely different sets of laws and outcomes for breaking them.

    Sorry I am so late in expressing my gratitude for your WT critigue. However I did appreciate your usual high standard of analysis.

    And thank you for your concern. I appreciate it.

    Take care of yourself and dear Irreverent.



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