Elders magically appear today-10 years too late

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  • bigmouth

    So I'm sitting in the lounge and these two guys I've never seen before appear at the door.One introduces himself and clearly knows who I am.'Witness-speak" means I figure out who he is pretty quick.I have to ask who the silent guy is and then invite them in for coffee and a sit down."no" I say,"my wifes not here but she'll be back in about 10 mins."We exchange niceties and discuss dubs we know around the country.After about 20 mins the silent dub pipes up and asks me if I think the goverments will destroy organised religion!He's witnessing to me!I got to hear the mindless drone from the other side of the bible!I told him that if that happens it will take the JW's down with it in view of the connection with the UN and I don't want to be there when it happens.He had heard very little about it and the other guy didn't seem to know what I was talking about.He nearly got both barrels when my wife returned home and I decided to calm down.I told him that my finding out about the UN thing was like being told by a stranger that my wife had been having an affair with an enemy for ten years and,when caught, didn't even apologise!I had to make them understand how angry I was to get their visit after not having been in a KH more than once in ten years.I told them that the identifying mark of the true org. was love and I don't see it here, no matter how many scriptures you read.So why are they here now?CO visit next week! Of course!Maybe he can come over and answer my UN/NGO questions?!The silent guy asks me if I'm baptised.Yes,22 years.Ha! He's been here 3 hours and can't count the time!My last congregation in Balclutha had about 5 elders and 40 pubs 10 years ago,now they have these two clowns and 17 pubs.What a mighty witness!Why do they suddenly care about us now?????
    I was so angry but I couldn't\wouldn't show it.

  • avishai
  • Dansk
    Ha! He's been here 3 hours and can't count the time!

    I'm not so sure about that! As he was trying to reactivate you I know of elders who would definitely count it!

    We all do what we think is best, but I wouldn't allow them in my house. I wouldn't give them the time because, at the end of the day, we all know what they're about. There's nothing we could say that would make them think. I mean, really think for themselves! I suppose we have to feel sorry for them, because we walked in similar shoes once.

    At least they know where you stand and you kept a cool head. Perhaps things will go further and they may attempt to DF you (there's been talk on other threads about a drive to either get people back into the congregations or DF them). Whatever, you don't seem to care, so no harm done!

    For others here, I think they would have to tread carefully. I'm suspicious that it was two elders who visited you - but then I'm suspicious of the whole caboodle now!

    By the way, did you have any Christmas decorations up? That would have been a joy to see!


  • greendawn

    I liked that reference to organised religion the watchtower is the organised hierarchical religion if there ever was one.

  • garybuss

    Elders are looking for evidence like Christmas things to disassociate you. The elders love the disassociating rule. They make one call . . . maybe . . . make one announcement at the Kingdom Hall, and your relatives all start shunning you. No meetings, no disfellowshipping rules, and no appeals. Presto! My problem ass is GONE! The elders padded their time cards, and they're back home on their second 12 pack before I figure out what just happened:-)

  • simplesally

    How nice of them to schedule an appointment to encourage you and sit with you for 3 hours!!!!!!!!!

    It seems they have the mentality that they are there for the Higher Purpose and you should stop everything you are doing to listen and comply with their message. Glad you were able to keep your wits about you.

  • LDH
    The silent guy asks me if I'm baptised.Yes,22 years

    It wasn't so he could count time, it was so they could decide how to proceed against you. You haven't heard the last of these fellows.

  • blindersoff
    He had heard very little about it and the other guy didn't seem to know what I was talking about.
    !Maybe he can come over and answer my UN/NGO questions?!

    We know there is no answer to that question. You may have planted a seed of 'truth'.


  • KimKat

    a farely new thing in the org. is that the elders are suppose to visit all inactive or disfellowshipped ones

    at least 1 time a year. We have been out about 5 yrs and it was introduced right before we left.

    Since the CO is coming they probably didn't want to get chewed out again for not visiting everyone.

    The CO's can be pretty hard on the elders - usually a big scolding about how they aren't taking care of the

    cong. right.

  • bigmouth

    Christmas never held any fascination for me even before becoming a witness so there has never been anything like that around but funnily enough my wife had bought some of those little coloured lights and stapled them around the ceiling just because they're 'pretty'!Nothing was said but I wonder if it was just coincidence that they turned up on Christmas eve.

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