It appears that WTS is a demonic organization.

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  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    "That clears it all up. I don't know how I missed that" It's clear it all up what? What is so obvious that I've missed?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    If you had read the Old Testament you would know that the land promise was conditional upon Israel's obedience. 1948 Israel has nothing to do with God because Israel has yet to repent and come back to God. 1948 was the Rothschild creation for the Illuminatti which was sanctioned by Satan himself...who is soon to seat his false Christ at the helm of the New Sanhedrin Fascist rule. Christ Kingdom is not of this world and He will not return to set up a Kingdom. Christ has ruled and reigned since His resurrection from the tomb, three days after He was crucified.


  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    Just glimpsed through "Pay Attention Daniel's Prophecy!" and is relatively clear that WTS doesn't go over certain borders in their published materials and that material is save to be published, guarantee no problems with big boys.

    Of course they ara talking about Anglo-American world power but in a such way, that is impossible by George W to be upset at all.

    An old member Skull & Bone Society doesn't hace a grudge against WTS.


  • BluesBrother

    Do the WTS feeble attempts at understanding prophecy look ridiculous to all but those on the inside ? Yes.

    Are they the faithful slave, if one were ever intended? No..

    But to call them demonised is to use their own expression, thus giving credence to that part of their paranoid teaching. Come on ! they are only human.. A bunch of old men at the top, supported by idealistic young men with more zeal than sense. And as for

    George Bush' membership with Skull and Bone Society?

    Huh?? If there should be anything in that , then a lot more info is needed...

  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    Huh?? If there should be anything in that , then a lot more info is needed...

    Here we are...

    On the subject Skull 'n' Bones and Bush involvement.

    You are kidding or just badly informed?

    I have a video clip with Bush and Kerry' admition of membership of that highly demonic organization.

    It's well known fact and very well documented.


    BTW. Demons are not licensed to the WTS. Demonizm in USA is RAMPANT.

  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean
    Demonizm in USA is RAMPANT.

    And the WTS is silent about it as well.

    Cooperation with... demons?

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