Mormons celebrate 200 years

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  • ozziepost


    That seems to me to be little different to the dubs' GB who claim they are going to rule all the earth and right now they apply laws that are above "man's laws".

  • oldflame

    I actually found it to be interesting that they are the fastest growing religion in the world. My question is why ?

  • greendawn

    That may be because though otherwise the mormons are strict on sexual morals, they allow polygamy and facilitate marriages between men in their 40's and 50's with teenage girls sometimes as young as 14.

  • Dansk


    All I can say is WOW !!!!! what a bunch of dummies...

    Sadly, that applies to us, too! I look back and think "How on earth could I believe in all that Watchtower garbage?", but I did!

    I think so many of the Mormons are as trapped as we were. So many are sincere in their beliefs and genuinely wish to be of help to their fellow man. So many are lied to and enmeshed in a cult. It's all terribly sad.


  • oldflame


    Yeah man I called myself a dummy for a long time after I left the borg, I am always asking myself how could I be as dumb to believe all that crap. Afterall it is my own fault that I did not investigate the wbts until after I left the borg. But today it's all good and I have learned so much and very glad I did thanks to people like you............God Bless friend and I hope your doing well....

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    I understand your point, though I believe that the GB only holds sway over morons here on earth who accept thier authority. For the LDS the R/F have that air about them. They really treat you as if you are lower in thier heavenly caste system now, not later. It is a self exalting religion at best. The R/F witness is so full of guilt that, on the whole, they dont feel superior. Tis the ones with such "wonderful" knowledge that seem to be snobs. The general witness just wants to get by till the big A.

    Any religious nut is a jerk either way.


  • oldflame

    wasanelder once,

    Any religious nut is a jerk either way.

    Hey all you fellow lovers of the Lord, I guess we are all just a bunch of jerks according to wasanelder once. I'll remember that one there pal..............

  • stillajwexelder

    Hell I never knew Donny Osmond was a grandfather

  • Qcmbr

    Merry Christmas from a 'nut', 'dummy' etc..

    Let's not fight today.

    Just remember the core of Christianity (and hopefully humanity) is not division nor contention. Christians remember that Jesus came for everyone, religious or not - no one gets extra special favours because they believe a certain way - the rain still falls on us all and the sun wakes us all up.

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