Bible verses or theological questions which "breaks" JW

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    My answer is different from what most have posted. First of all, the FDS has made some BS answer to every Bible verse. If you're in their little box, it doesn't matter what they say, with your blinders on you can accept anything. I have helped over 20 out of this mess, and my most successful avenue has been logically dismanteling the Bible. I also attack the logic of the Genesis account, the Adam and Eve story, man being born in sin, the insane actions of a loving God, the need of a ransomer, the history of the world's saviours and their relation to Jesus, the validity of the Jesus story, the history of the early church, and the downfall of christianity as a whole. These subjects and the subsequent research point out the flaws in all christian religions without pointing your finger just at the witnesses. Just think about the statement you made about God saving you from the JW clutches while letting your poor brother fall victim. Do you think a loving God is at work in christianity to let this happen. A God who requires blood sacrifices to appease his anger is capable of anything. A vengeful God who lets his ego control his emotions is capable of killing all mankind because he's pissed off that Adam and Eve found out what was good and bad. This is the beginning of the BS story that leads to the rest of the BS stories all christianity is based upon. This is just a taste of hard logic and I've seen it work. My question is, are you willing to investigate this kind of logic?

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    darth frosty

    At their core all witnesses are one 'incident' away from leaving. Those of you that are ex JWs think, there was always something that didn't quite sit right with you. Whether it was billions dying at armagedon, the fakeness of the brethen around you or the thought that the resurrected wont be having sex cause they'll be like angels (despite the fact the angels themselves saw the daughters of man and got horny go fig.) But, what moves you to truly look behind the curtain where the wizard lives is some 'incident' where someone pisses you off or theres somethin in the WT that you just cant meekly swallow no more. For me it was the 12/03 WT study article where they said our days are like noah's when god declared 120 yrs before the flood comes. It then went on to say some 90 years have past since 1914?!? do the math we now have another 30 yrs in this system. Once that 'incident' occured the blinkers, that the borg blinds you with are removed and you are able, if you choose to explore other options. But, there is a catch to all this. Your eyes may now be opened but the unbearable lightness of being may be overwelming to some. Some may experience sensory overload and its just too much for them. This is where the borg conditioning kicks in and you feel the need to retrive those blinders. Sorry if I got off into a rant there, I just mean to say a person has to be ready to accept reasoning, other wise "A man convinced against his will, is of his own opimion still."

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