Do you feel that Jehovah drew you away from Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • Scatteredsheep

    I just joined this forum and while reading old entries came across the following question from May/05: "Do you miss feeling that Jehovah was listening to your prayers?" That question and the responses gave me the courage to ask the above question. About 3 years ago, 5 publishers, including me, were disfellowshipped after Jehovah led us to speak up to our elders regarding their inconsiderate treatment of victims who came to them for help. Yes, we did report everything to the Society. It didn't help. Instead, we were labeled as demonized because all 5 of us (and our families) believe that Jehovah communicates with us personally, guiding our thoughts with holy spirit. In other words, when we ask him a question, he may and often does, answer us in our minds. We believe he's ready and willing to communicate with anyone who comes to him with humility and respect. Since he drew us away from an oppressive organization that dishonors his name, i.e., Jehovah's Witnesses, he's helped us to see that he'd like us to call him Father, rather than Jehovah, when we pray to him, just as Jesus did. (Can you find anyplace in the Bible, even the New World Translation, where Jesus addressed his heavenly father as Jehovah? For that matter, how many children address their parents by their given names?) So, while I still think of God as Jehovah, I'm coming to know him better as Father. Surely there are some more Witnesses or former Witnesses out there who are aware that Jehovah talks to us personally? Scatteredsheep

  • Crumpet

    Welcome to the board. I don;t actually believe in God as Jehovah or Father but I do recall that in prayer that my family and congregation addressed him as Father as often as Jehovah and Lord and other long titles.

    I have a voice in my head too - when I want an answer to something or help pver a course of action and I have learnt not to ignore it however tempted I maybe to take the opposite course. That is not any God - its my common sense appealing to my rash half.

    However I in no way wish to denigrate your personal beliefs or interpretations and you will find others on the board who have a direct channel to God/Jesus too, but I'll let you use your special link-in with him to locate those souls yourself.

    I am sorry that you and your family were treated so harshly and glad that you are happier out of it.

    If anything drew me away from JWs it was Nirvana - so unless God was using them as a special tool and Smells Like Teen Spirit was the instrument - then no I wouldnt say Jehooba led me away - it was Kurt who led me astray!

  • DannyHaszard

    In my case Jesus and my own common sense broke me free from the grip of the Watchtower religious racket-Danny Haszard

  • Honesty

    Yes, I know He did. I am now free to worship as one of God's servants rather than a slave.

  • greendawn

    Welcome to the forum scattered sheep, what you did was quitw brave and commendable and it cut across some silly JW beliefs, they foolishly don't accept that the R&F JWs can have the Holy Spirit instead only the so called annointed.

    Of course you are right The Spirit is for all Christians, and the name jehovah represents a regression back to the pre christian mosaic times and it was not even used in the Greek Scriptures.

    Whoever has this Holy Spirit (of adoption) is inspired to and does call God Abba or Father.

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Interesting question Scatteredsheep. Welcome to the board.
    In some ways I've always felt a certain presence watching over me in my life. As difficult as my life has been, there have been some rather providential and serendipitous happenings along the way. While I'm not prepared to attribute these to Jehovah or any specific god I do believe that there is an energetic presence in this universe that restores balance to those who are connected with it.
    I've spent much time in the past decade creating space for that balance in my life and I do believe that when I was ready for it, that energetic presence provided the strength, support, situations and information I needed to see "the truth" for what it really was. When I disassociated this past August I knew beyond a doubt that the universe was in full support of my decision to leave the jw. It was as if the heavens were singing!
    :) tall penguin

  • Spectrum

    Considering you were cast out for attempting a good deed the only logical conclusion is that you were cast out by lucifer.

  • lonelysheep

    I did feel that way when I still wanted to believe in their jehovah.

  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board..Yes I do believe GOD( NOT JEHOVAH) pulled me out of false worship... I always describe the Watchtower as a head of hair- I was a nit stuck to it.... But God ( The creator) pulled me off kicking & screaming --thinking I was going to get squished...( Like we do to nits)Because I believed it was the ARK OF SALVATION.. Only thing I could not accept is Jesus invisable coming in 1914- So for that I was D/Fellowshipped. true they offered me to come back a couple of years ago, but once you come to KNOW Jesus - there is no way I could go back to false worship((hug)

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi ScatteredSheep, and welcome!

    One must realize that Jehovah is not limited by the restrictions of the Watchtower.

    In my case, the Universal Sovreign of Love, Wisdom, Justice & Power wanted to let me know that he did not exist: that he was, in fact, merely a sockpuppet kept in a drawer somewhere in the bethel archives.

    This truth set me free.

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