My Unhappiness is because of Witness Thinking I have not given up

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  • 88thRelic

    Thank you all for this site. I am deeply in live with a Witness and I have seen in her the issues in which you speak. It breaks my heart to not be able to reach her and I care and pray deeply for her spiritual welfare. She was born into a Witness family….. I have experienced her unwillingness to be wrong about even the smallest matters. I have experienced her unwillingness to even think about something differently or look at it from a different angle. I am still bitten with the hurtful memory of a discussion in which she told me that it does not matter what I say because she does not even have to consider my point of view. Her mind is stuck in stone. She has no friends… she does not like people in general… she complains 24/7… She has a victims mentality about everything, her religion, her race, her job… She recently told me that she feels like she is never perfect that she always feels just “good enough”. She fears everything. She is all about herself and looks at everything based upon how she feels or believes. I know more about the JW religion than she does because I took time to research and learn. I asked her if she would go to church with me and she said she would have to think about it though I have been to her meetings. She believes so many falsehoods about society in general that I can see are traced directly from the mind meld of this religion. I don’t know what to do I want her to be happy in her life and to know that this happiness and security is through faith and trust in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. NOT the statistics and fear doctrine established by the Watchtower. I have never truly hated anything in my life until I met the influence of The Watchtower. I need help...I am the only real friend that she has ever had... and we truley love each other... I fear that if I make the wrong move she would never trust anyone else again except for the Watchtower. I dont know what to do......... I dont know what to do ..............I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

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