Did You have Peace and Joy?

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  • JH

    Yes, at first, until I was deceived by their lack of love towards me.

  • Purza

    Nope. I had one elder tell me that I need to "cultivate joy", but when I asked him how do I do that, he did not have an answer for me.


  • serendipity

    Hi Purza,

    The elder didn't tell you that JOY was an acronym for Jehovah, Others, Yourself, and if you prioritized your actions accordingly you would have joy in your life?

  • Purza
    The elder didn't tell you that JOY was an acronym for Jehovah, Others, Yourself, and if you prioritized your actions accordingly you would have joy in your life?

    Nope. Never heard it put that way before today.


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    I had no peace. The only joy I had was in my children, and that was tarnished by the Watchtower. My childhood pre 1975 was spent in terror of being raped and persecuted any minute because that had to happen before Armageddon. My early teen years were a torturous mightmare. Even when I rebelled a year before 1975 the fear was still overwhelming that they were right.

    Today I am filled with peace and joy! I shouldn't be, it isn't logical due to the medical condition and physical suffering I endure. But I am! Everyday through the pain I have joy in my life's purpose. So fulfilling! I'll give you an example;

    I am bedridden right now. Rarely able to get out. I cordinate charities for my church and got a call yesterday from a women who was new to town. She has three young girls and hubby works full time but they were not going to be having Christmas because there just wasn't any money for it. Cost of living in Southern California is off the charts right now and it it hard. I was able to organize and collect gifts for her children from right here in bed! She was so happy! I was so filled with JOY that a day that would otherwise appear a loss, made a family's Christmas wonderful!

    I was miserable as a JW adult too. I never was good enough. I never made enough meetings. I had a warped view of who Jehovah was. Unconditional love is such a beautiful thing! The WTBTS had/has no right to have kept that from us. Love and Merry Christmas to those participating this year~ Kate

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I did at times, like the years I was pioneering. I seemed to be doing evrything right as far as the elders were concerned then. When I came off due to illness, though, they expected me to sign up again as soon as they considered me fully fit, and let me know that. My opinion didn't seem to count - I was a single sister, working part - time, and had no excuse not to pioneer. I never did go back to it though, I never felt up to doing so, and I always felt less respected because of that, though I auxillaried a bit and always did my best in service. Of course, the last few months before I left, I had no peace or joy, just constant criticism. The peace and joy only returned when I da'd.

  • bailabklyn


    I was taught the JOY acronymn. But it didn't work for me. I was raised JW but at my baptism (17 yrs old) I felt a spiritual death. I really felt something inside of me die.

    I lost all joy and had little if any inner peace. I poured myself into staying busy so I could ignore my feelings. I led a horrible double-life (horrible because it was dangerous). I was bored, frustrated, and numb. Mostly numb.

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